Sunday, 28 February 2016

Review of the B. Make up brush cleanser

Hi everyone

Over the last few months I've been finding myself turning to the brand B. quite a lot and so far so good so when looking for a make up brush cleaner this seemed like the obvious choice. I've always washed my brushes previously, I'm prone to break outs so I have always wanted to keep my brushes clean but I've been using shampoo which can leave a soapy residue and also ruins the brush.

I am so far very impressed with this product, it's quite a big tube so should last me a while, it's a very easy to use spray which I like as it is none mesey or doesn't lead to waste. 

It's really simple to use, you spray it on to your brush and then use a tissue to wipe the brush to remove make up, dirt and bacteria. I sprayed it twice on the brushes I use everyday and it got them completely clean. There is no soapy residue, not mess and no harsh smell. It's also really inexpensive at under £5 so I will most certainly be repurchasing this product.

How do you clean your brushes, do you have a favourite product?

Thanks for reading