Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My none face skincare routine

Hi everyone

So I've done a few posts about my facial skincare but I've not talked too much about my skincare for everywhere else and while it's different it is just as important particularly if I'm fake tanning. 

The first items I use in my routine is use my exfoliating gloves in the shower to scrub away any dead skin, I've got mine in pink and white. My gloves are quite a rough exfoliator so they are best for my legs, feet and arms! I use a really good shower cream or gel and rub in circular motions. I feel like this massages as well so if you have had a long day it really soothes tired feet.

For everywhere else I use my Good Things Spa Argon Oil Restoring Body Scrub. This is a lot gentler on your skin but still makes it feel smooth and exfoliated. The only places I don't exfoliate are my face and neck of course but also my chest of the skin there is very thin and I don't want to damage this area.

Also in my shower I use my Lush Argon Oil which is an 'in shower' body conditioner. I really like this product and it's really good when I'm in a rush but also for an extra layer of moisturiser before I get out of the shower.

Once I'm out the shower I use my Bayliss and Harding body moisturiser. I use this all over as it rubs in really well and doesn't leave any greasy marks on your clothes, it also smells lovely. I apply this in circular motions and try to rub it in really well around the tops of my legs to make them feel firmer

On my feet I use my Bayliss and Harding soothing foot lotion before putting on the fluffiest socks I can find. After an exfoliator in the shower this also feels really good on my skin.

I find that this process is really good for my skin but it is also relaxing, what is your body care routine?

Thanks for reading.