Sunday, 27 March 2016

How to get a good nights sleep

Hi everyone

So I am a massive believer in getting a good nights sleep, it's so important to generally just keep me going. 

There are so many benefits to a good nights sleep as well. You look and feel better as it gives your body time to restore itself, you can stave off a cold or illness, it helps you focus and improve memory and it evens helps with stress, anxiety and depression. So what more excuse could you need to settle down for a good 8 hours of blissful sleep and here is how I do it.

Process the day

So often I come home from work and I am still thinking through a problem or revising my To Do list and this stops me from relaxing and allowing myself to sleep. To combat this I try and give myself time to process the day this could be on the bus, in the shower or while im making dinner. I think through any outstanding issues, decide on how and when to resolve them and move on. Some people are good at putting thing in a box and shutting the lid, I'm not I process and then move on.

Make something nice to eat

This is all part of caring for yourself, make something comforting and satisfying. Eating is going to restore your energy and make you feel better instantly. I'm using my recipe books to give me ideas

Take a bit of time to wind down and pamper yourself 

For me it's putting on a face mask, it doesn't take very much time but forces you to stop and spend a few minutes just relaxing. This yogurt smoothy one from Superdrug looks amazing.

Avoid coffee and too much tea before bed

You don't want anything to keep you awake, either through caffeine or because you are up and down going to the loo. If you still want a hot drink though I love soya milk hot chocolate. Make my mouth water just posting the pic.

Clean bedding

So this is proberley not practical for every day but a really good one for the weekend, there is nothing better than fresh, clean sheets.

Have an extra hour

Most of the time I just don't get enough sleep so whenever I get the opportunity I like to go to bed an hour early just to try and make up for it. To me this feels almost luxurious and like a treat.

Enjoy your sleep. Thanks for reading.