Monday, 15 February 2016

First impressions - Make Up Academy Pro Base Fixing Mist

Hi everyone

I love reading first impressions and reviews from bloggers as they tend to be very honest and they give me a real idea of wether or not to spend my hard earned pennies.

One make up item I see a lot of in blogs and also on YouTube is the make up fixing sprays. However I don't see many drug store ones (maybe it's just I watch so many high end videos) and the main one I see is the Mac Fix Plus which isn't cruelty free so I've been a bit lost as to which one to buy.

After many a trip around Superdrug I decided on the Make Up Academy Pro Base Fixing Mist. It is really inexpensive at £2.50 and I've never tried anything from the Make Up Academy before so it made a really good buy for my first impression. I googled MUA while in Superdrug to make sure it was cruelty free and saw a brilliant article from Cruelty Free Kitty's saying it was cruelty free so I thought why not.

I wore this for the night while on a trip to the theatre, I went to see Blood Brothers which was a Christmas present from my sister and it was amazing. The thing about the theatre is that is is quite small in terms of space so you are quite close to the people next to you meaning it gets very hot and sticky so this was a real test of its staying power. Also to top this off the show I went to see often makes me have a few tears so let's see if it stays.

So my first impression....

I used this straight after finishing my make up and it's a very light spray not too wet (?!?!?!), sounds like a strange comment, what I mean is that it sprays on and drys almost instantly. It doesn't smell too chemically and (as I always mention) I have sensitive eyes and this didn't make my eyes water, sting or itch at all so it's a thumbs up at first glance.

After returning home from an amazing but very hot and as it turned out rainy night (with a couple of tears) I do think this kept my make up on well, particularly my eye shadow as I used my powder eye shadows which can be prone to streaking or running if they get wet. I feel like my make up hadn't ran in the heat and this had battled the elements to keep my make up in place.

So first impressions for this is a thumbs up, I will most certainly be using it again.

Thanks for reading