Sunday, 28 February 2016

My new hairbrush

Hi everyone

I think I've mentioned before that I am constantly in persuit of more volume in my hair, I have fine hair but a hell of a lot of it which if I don't be careful the middle tends to be frizzy but because it's long it drags down at the roots leaving it a little flat. I have roots sprays, I blow dry my hair upside down and I blow dry the roots from the underneath but I'm still not happy (will I ever be?) so I decided to invest in a barrel brush.

This one is from Superdrug and it is very inexpensive at under £5. They have a small, medium and large size and so I went for medium as a starting point.

I use this as you would rollers but without leaving them in. I brush through the the hair and then lift my hair from the roots over the brush and twist so it curves around the brush, then I apply heat. It's really quick and easy to do before work, it lifts my hair for the root and gives my hair the volume it needs.

I have to be very careful when applying heat to my hair because it is so fine it can damage easily. To combat any drying out I use Superdrug Hair Therapy oil with Argon, I've mentioned this so many times and while I don't apply this directly on the top of my roots I do apply this through my hair as often as possible so if I am applying heat to my hair to give volume it stays in good condition.

Over the past few weeks I've also been trying to style my hair in different ways using my hair grips so adding volume to my roots means my hair styles much easier either pinned back or in a a small plait.

What are your favourite hair styles and hair products. I would love to hear.

Thanks for reading