Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My updated skincare routine

Hi everyone

I've done a couple of posts on my skincare routine before but I do find myself swapping and changing quite a lot, sometimes I try recommendations, sometimes because I've swapped from products I'm not happy with and sometimes because I got beauty gifts for Christmas or birthdays. 

My skincare starts off the same with my Superdrug Foaming facial wash, I still really like this product. It's really inexpensive and is really good for removing make up as well as freshening my skin. I use it once in the mornings and twice at night to remove my make up firstly and then clean my face.

Since I did my last post I've removed the next step from my routine and that is toner. I was using the Superdrug Refreshing toner and I used it till I had finished the bottle and the forgot the buy it again. I went about a week without it and rearlised that there had been a big improvement in my skin particularly around my skin where I am prone to breakouts. 

Anything that is exfoliating can be bad for spot prone skin as the exfoliating part can break up the blemishes and spread the bacteria around the face. I'm not signing off from toner all together but for now I will be missing this step.

So the next step for me is moisturiser, I have a number of different moisturisers and I'm going to do a separate post on my multi moisturising routine so watch out for that but for now I will list them. I use Lush Vanishing Cream moisturiser, the Cosmetic Moisturiser, the Naturally Radient Renewing Cream, the Vitamin E moisture mask and the Superdrug eye cream.

Finally on my blemishes I have up until recently been using tea tree oil mixed with my Lush moisturiser and I will still be using this but if you have read my ELF haul you will see my sister brought me the ELF Acne Gel and I really like this product, it does contain tea tree oil still but as it contains aloe it is a softer gentler version. I like this as it doesn't leave my skin red.

I'm sure this will be one of many times that I will be updating my skin care routine but for now this is what I have been using. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this