Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Nailed it


Hope you are all doing well today.

After my last none beauty post its only fair to talk again about beauty products and I have new purchases (again).

This time it was for nails, I always do my own nails and I like to change up the colour depending on mood. A range that I've been looking at for a while is B. From Superdrug ( B. Stands for Beautiful by the way). This brand is both cruelty free and vegan and it's also a really good price. To make it even better they have had half price in many items over the weekend which meant nail varnishes were £1.49 each. What a bargain!

After picking up nearly every colour going I decided on the below:

Lilac Frost (Number 151) and Clear 

The Lilac Frost looks quite pinky in this picture but when it's in it's more purple. I really like it, it doesn't come across immediately as a winter colour but once on its perfect for winter, it's sort of a cold purple. I hope that's make sense although I suspect not. Both of these nail varnishes go on really smoothly, no lumps or bubbles and drys really quickly. 

I've brought a few other B. Products which I've not tried yet so I will let you know what I think but as for nail varnishes I will defiantly be purchasing more colours.

Happy Tuesday