Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Feel good spa body wash

Hi everyone

I did a review a little while ago on the Good Things Spa Scrub and I really liked this product. So I decided to go back for another product and this is the Good Things Spa Acai Berry Daily Essential Body Wash. 

This one was just as yummy, strange description but it sums it up as it smells like a smoothy or fresh fruit, so nice. I'm really big on smells for body wash and moisturiser. I have to be quite practical with things like facial skin care and some hair products as I buy them to do specific jobs so for body wash as long as it gets me clean I feel like I can go for something that smells lovely.

I like the packaging on Good Things Spa products also as they look more expensive than they are, this one was £1.49, normally it's £2.99 but this one was on offer in Superdrug (my favourite store). It also last a long while I'm about half way through currently and still going. It's very creamy and lathers really well which feels luxurious. I prefer a creamy wash to a gel as I feel gels slide off your hand and gets wasted in the shower. I would recommend this product for every day use as whole it smells amazing but the smell doesn't overpower any purfume you might put on after.

Finally the most important part of this product for me is that it doesn't contain any parabens, petro chemicals and they have not been tested on animals or contain animal products. All in all a great product, I will be repurchasing and I will be trying other products from this range.

Thanks for reading