Sunday, 21 February 2016

Top 5 programmes I'm watching on Netflicks

Hi everyone

So it's time to throw on my slippers, make a cup of tea, get some Easter treats and settle in for some Netflicks. I'm a bit fickle with what I watch and tend to be easily distracted by a new series so I've often swap and change but here is what im watching at the moment.

1. Shadow hunters- think Vampire diaries with different powers, amazingly good looking people saving the world and falling in love. It is a Netflicks original series and I'm on episode 3. It's a little cheesy but perfect for forgetting the world and loosing your real life worries in demons, fairies, vampires and models.

2. The X files - I never watched this the first time around and seen as the new series is on TV currently I thought I had better catch up. I've only watched a couple of episode but I really like it (apart from the baggy pants and power suits).

3. Couples Retreat - I love this film, it is hilarious. I've seen this before and I could just watch it again and again. Its perfect for a bit of light relief. 

4. Ripper street - I took a trip to London last year for my birthday and I love anything Ripper since then. We took a trip to the dungeons and I also started watching Whitechapel last year again all about the ripper murders so I would recommend this but only if you dont mind a bit of gore.

5. Narcos - I'm struggling to get into this one a bit which is strange seen as I love crime dramas, everyone I know who has seen this has raved about it but I'm finding it a bit slow. I'm going to persevere though.

What are you watching on Netflicks at the moment, any recommendations will be followed up with snacks and cups of tea.

Thanks for reading