Friday, 5 February 2016

My multi moisturising routine

Hi everyone

I recently did an updated skincare routine and in that post I mentioned my multi moisturising routine. A lot of people multi mask but I thought why not apply this to my other beauty routines. 

I multi moisturise in the evening and I just use just one face and my eye moisturiser in the morning as most of the time I'm in a rush to get to work in the morning. Below are all my beauty products so let's get into them.

My first products are the Lush Vanishing Cream facial moisturiser and the Lush Cosmetic Lad. I tend to back and forth between these 2 as I love both of them. They both contain lavender which is really soothing. I use these on my forehead, nose, checks and chin. They are also my moisturiser of choice for the morning as they rub in really easily.

Next is my Superdrug Naturally Radient Renewing Night Cream, this is much richer than the Lush cream and I find if I use it on my face it's too much and makes me break out. It is however perfect for my neck so I use this just under my chin, neck and also on my chest. The skin on your chest is similer to the skin on your neck so this is perfect to use.

Next is my moisturiser mask and I don't use this every night. I think this product is really fun as its a jelly texture. Again I have to be careful where I put this as it can make me break out but for my cheats, forehead and neck it's perfect. You put this on like a mask, let it soak in for about 10 minutes then rub it in like a moisturiser.

For my eyes I use the Superdrug Vitamin E eye cream and I put this under my eyes and over the top of my lids. It pats in really smoothly and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

My routine has developed over time and I'm a big believer in not wasting products but once I do use up a product unless I completely love it I like to change it up again so I'm sure I will be doing another post soon with new products.

Thanks for reading