Saturday, 27 February 2016

Make up I wore last night

Hi everyone

My favourite part of going out has to be getting ready, most of the time I'm out straight from work so I'm rushing and most of the time it's a brush through my hair and on a good day some lip gloss so when I do get chance to get ready I really enjoy it.

Here is all the make up and tools I used. It looks like a lot when you lay it out. So let's go through it.

First things first, once I've moisturised it's time to prime. I'm still using my good old faithfuls Barry M Flawless primers. They are really inexpensive and work really well. I've got the Brightening one in purple and the corrector one in green. I try and see what I need on my skin each day but most of the time I use a combination of both.

Next it's my base, I'm continuing with a theme here with the Barry M Flawless foundation. I use Ivory and it's a very white foundation compared with many others that are orange or pink. It goes on really smoothly and doesn't cake or smudge. I apply it with my foundation brush (bottom of the picture) then use my fingers.

Next I have my Collection concealer which as you can see is well used. It has a little brush so you can be really precise with where your concealer goes.

Next I have my powders and for face powder I use the Collection translucent powder. I use my big fluffy brush for this as its so soft. For bronzer I have my contour brush and the Collection bronzer. I use the none sparkly bronzer and I have shiney skin so I don't want any addition shine. I don't truly contour although I do love that look, I tend to apply bronzer on my temples, cheeks and chin and then blend with my fluffy brush.

Lastly it's my eyes and let's start with eye shadow, I have my 2 collection eye shadows in Ice Queen and Rosy Gold. I use the Rosy Gold one in my crease and the white one on my lid, below my eyebrows and in the very corner of my eyes. I use a few tools to apply them I have my fluffy brush on the left for the crease, my eye shadow applicator at the bottom for the lid, then my angled brush for under my brows and my bottom lashes. 

Next I use 2 black eyeliners a pencil one and a pen both from Collection. The pencil I use in the corner of my eye as its thinner and the pen for the rest of my eye. I really like the pen as it doesn't drag or pull.

Then as I wanted something a bit fancy I use the gold glitter, I got this as a Christmas present and I don't believe it's cruelty free, as soon as it runs out I need to replace it with a cruelty free one.

For brows I have my brown pencil first, this is Rimmel so not cruelty free as soon as it runs out I will replace with cruelty free. Secondly my elf eye brow gel in clear, it keeps my eyebrows in place and looking more groomed.

Last but not least is my mascara, it's the elf mascara in black. I curl my eye lashes first then add a few layers of mascara. I really like this mascara as its similer to the False Lash mascara from Mac.

I haven't included my lip products so I might do another post on this. 

What's your favourite products to wear on a night out.

Thanks for reading