Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sweater weather Tag

Hi everyone

I really love reading Tags and I've done quite a few recently but I thought seen as its getting warmer I best do this one before sweaters are a distant memory (I live in England so that's proberley wishful thinking) so here goes.

1. Favourite Candle Scent? 
Vanilla, it's got to be Vanilla for me. I love this sent be it summer or winter. I think it my favourite scent for everything not just candles actually.

2. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate? 
I love hot chocolate so much with everything in it marshmallows, cream and sprinkles but it is a bit of a treat. Most days for me it's tea.

3. What's the best autumn memory you have? 
My best Autumn memory is going to goose fair. If you are not from Nottingham then this is a huge fair that we have every year and it's full of rides, food and stalls. My memory is getting wrapped up in scarfs and gloves and going to my grandmas house as she lives right near there and walking from there to the fair. It was so exciting as you could smell candy floss and sweets and hear music and people on the rides.

4. Which make-up trend do you prefer: winged liner or dark lips? 
Winged liner although I don't often wear this but I do love this look.

5. Hats or scarves? 
Scarves, makes me feel cosy.

6. Most worn jumper? 

I don't really wear jumpers much but my favourite cards is my pink fluffy one with white hearts on, it's really thick but it's also really cosy.

7. Favourite fall nail polish? 
In winter I love red and dark purples

8. Skinny jeans or leggings? 

Leggings, they are so comfy and tuck into boots really well.

9. Boots or uggs? 
Both, boots for smart days and Uggs for casual.

I take all of you to do this tag. Thank you for reading