Saturday, 28 November 2015

Haircare (again)

Hi everyone

As I mentioned this is my 'out if shower haircare'.

It's not a complete list and I do tend to change it up a bit but for basic haircare that is cruelty free here is my starting point. So here goes:

Heat protector spray
Like a few other products I've talked about this was a replacement of a none cruelty free product which I brought from Superdrug. I do like this product it soaks ( not sure if that's the right word) into the hair and doesn't leave any build up or brittle texture, my only critics really is that it smells quite chemically. 

Extra firm hold mouse
Again a Superdrug product and very much a basic. I don't use moose very often but I've started to add it into my hair routine again to give my hair a bit more volume when blow drying. Similar to the heat protector it does have that chemical smell again. Maybe I've just been spoiled by the other cruelty free products I've found recently.

Root boost
This was a bit of a random purchase for me, not something I've used before. Along with the moose I'm endless trying for more volume. I'm not sure about this product currently, I think it's boosts my hair straight after blow drying but a couple of hours later I can't really see any difference ( it could just be my hair) so the request continues for the volume.

Dry shampoo
Very impressed with this product, it's does what it says on the tin but this product has a very subtle smell. It also seems to leave less white dry residue than other dry shampoos that I have used. I really like the packaging on this product also, one I would recommend.

Hair therapy oil with Argon oil
So this is most certainly the best till last. I love this product, I use it as a serum after washing my hair and as a conditioning treatment as often as I can. It makes my hair easier to brush, less tangly, softer and I think with a nice shine ( not to blow my own trumpet). I would 100% reccomend this product and currently it is 2 for £6. Go get it!

Happy haircare everyone



Hi everyone

I split my hair care into 2 categories 1 ' in the shower haircare'and 2 'out the shower haircare'. This blog is going to be about catagory 1 and below is what I use:

I use the Revitalising Rasberry and Macadamia Nut shampoo from Superdrug. I've used this since my decision to go cruelty free and I was one of the first purchase I made. I love the smell of this product and the smell seems to last a long time which is not usual for my hair. The only critics my  do have is that it's a sort of jelly like texture which means that I tend to use more than I need.

Again like the shampoo it smells lovely and is fine for every day use however as someone it guilty of a little home dying and a lot of home straightening I need somthing to do that bit extra conditioning and that's where my next product comes in.

Conditioning treatment
So I haven't talked about anything Lush yet in my blog but now is certainly a good time to do it. I love this product, it makes my hair feel amazing. It's easier to brush, smother after blow drying and visibly looks less damaged. I would highly reckoned this product! 

So that's my 'in shower haircare', watch out for my 'out if shower haircare' this week.

Do you have any haircare recommendations, I'd love to hear which products you use


Scrub a dub dub one one women in a ....... Shower

Hi everyone

Hope you are all having a lovely day

Now as much a I love the idea of a nice long relaxing soak in the bath realistically time lends itself better to a shower but that doesn't mean it can't be luxurious and smell just as sweet.

With that in mind I decided to pick up some new shower products. All of these are from the 'I love range' and while I found these at Superdrug I've also since spotted them at various supermarkets. 

I couldn't decide which scent I liked as as these are on 3 for £5 it would be rude not to got for 3. So I purchased the pale pink one which is Strawberries and Cream and smells like a ice cream Sunday. The darker pick one which is Raspberries and Blackberries and doesnt smell any less amazing. Finally the orange one which is Mango and Papaya. I'm more of a berries fan than Orange but it still smells very good. There are also huge and so should last ages.

I can't wait to use them but which first that is the question? Decisions decisions!


What Ive been grateful for this week

Hi everyone

Hope you've all had a good weekend

Its time to fill my happy box. 

To remind you what I'm talking about see my blog 'The Happy box'. It's 3 things each week that have made me smile :)

1. Dr Oetker Shimmer spray

I haven't used this yet but seeing this in the shop reminded me firstly of cake and that's always good and secondly of Christmas. I love anything glitter!

2. Winter Walks

Now wet muddy paws and cold rainy weather may not sounds like something to be grateful for but seeing my doggie happy tramping through the mud is enough to make anyone smile. It's also really good for blowing those central heating cobwebs away.

3. Family achievements

Now no this is not a member of my family but it's a picture I sent to my sister when she made captain of her equestrian team and its make me very proud to see her achieving and enjoying a sport. 

What are you happy about and grateful for this week?


Prime time - my favourite Barry M primers

,Hi there everyone

It's new purchase time! This time it's primers.

First things first I need to comment on the colours, now I know that they actually serve a practical purpose but I love the neon orange, purple and green. When I look in my make up bag there are a lot of nudes, throw in these and they really brighten my day.

That said lets get down to the practicalities.

The green primer is the Barry M Flawless Colour Corrector which is designed for anti redness, pore minimising, smoothing and matifying. I choose this one for the anti redness. For those of you who have breakout you will know that this can make you skin red and often applying blemish treatments can get rid of the spot is but also add to that redness so this primer is prefect for applying on areas where you get breakouts.

The purple primer is the Barry M flawless brightening primer which is designed to brighten dull skin, minis pores,smoothes and matifying. I decided to buy this one as well as the winter often drys out my skin leaving it dull.

So effectively I'm multi priming. One thing they have in common is that they are really silky on the face which is really good for sensitive faces. They both also contain Vitamin E which is really good for the skin.

I haven't tried many Barry M product before these but I'm very impressed and so will be repurchasing these and probably many other Barry M items.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Foods I'm loving this week

Hi everyone

Hope you have had a lovely day.

So as the tittle suggests this isn't a beauty product I going to be talking about, although they do say you are what you eat so I suppose this kind of goes hand in hand with beauty.

Today I'm talking about food I'm loving this week and I'm starting with breakfast.

This week I've been eating granola and I love it. Its yummy and filling and is a great source of fibre. This brand also contains honey, raisins and almonds which makes it extra moorish. Normally I turn to porridge in the winter but for now I'm going to brave cold milk first thing in the morning and stick with granola.

I like to add in more raisins because why not and also chia seeds. Chia seeds have many health benefits, they are rich in Omega 3 and also best of all keep you fuller for longer. They turn into a sort of jelly texture with the milk which is strange but in a good way.

Let me know what foods you have been loving this week and if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them


The happy box

Hi everyone

Hope you are having good hump day!

I've got something slightly different to talk about today. Something that I saw recently on Facebook and I've kind of adapted to suit me. 

It's a time capsule of good things that happen in your life. The idea is to start it on New Year's Day and then everything good that happens to you, big or small, throughout the year you write down and add to the box. Then the following year on New Year's Eve you open the box and remember all the good things that happened to you in the year.

I don't know about you but I have a horrible habit of dwelling on the bad things and forgetting the good things so I'm hoping to change this.

I know I'm veryyyyyy late this year so I thought I would adapt it slightly. I've decide that between now and New Year's Day I will do my own box and fill it with 3 things each week that make me happy and that I am very grateful for.

I am of course very happy and grateful for my family and friends and I am lucky enough to have my health so I'm going to get that out there straight away and instead go for small things that make me smile.

Below is my chosen box and actually the colours on this remind me of summer so on this freezing cold night actually make me smile already. Each week I'll up date you on my 3 things that make me happy and then on New Years Eve I'll open it again and hopefully it will be brimming full of all the happy things that happen between now and then.

I would love it if you joined me in creating you own box and letting me know you 3 things that make you happy each week.

Have a great week 


Friday, 20 November 2015

Sweet snuggles

Hi everyone, hope Monday isn't treating your too badly.

This is the shortest post but I wanted to show you my "make Monday better" purchase.

Its a tiny hand lotion and tiny nail file just right for my handbag and perfect for winter proofing hands. Best of all it's got bunny in a Christmas jumper on the packaging. At £1 what more could you want! 

AKL xx

Sunday morning

Hi everyone 

As my last blog was the 'before' it is only appropriate that I do an 'after' and actually im please to report no sore head. Im a bit sleepy and my feet could do with a good massage but surely that is a sign of a good night right?

So I thought to myself seen as I'm feeling ok why not go the extra mile and mask!

Today I've chosen 2 because like most of you the skin on my face behaves differently on different parts (good one face)!

I've gone for the anti ageing moisture mask from Superdrug which promises to give me a younger looking complexion and is designed for normal to dry skin. I wouldn't normally describe my skin as dry but after a night on the tiles a bit of extra moisture can't hurt. It is full of antioxidant rich ingredients including Raspberries, Blueberries, Cranberries and Vitamin E and I apply this on my forehead, nose and cheeks (avoiding my eye area).

Then I put a purifying mask on my chin where I get breakouts. This mask, also from Superdrug, contains Witch Hazel and is designed for oily and blemish prone skin.

I've included in my picture one other mask that I got which I didn't use which is a destressing mud mask and by the looks of the picture is green. This one contains Avocado Oil, Green Tea and Aloe Vera (the colour now makes sense). This one is for normal to combination skin. I'll let you know about this one the next time I need a bit of destressing.

Let me know your choice of masks, leave me a comment or a recommendation.

AKL xx

My favourite cruelty free fake tan

Hi everyone

So as the tittle suggests it's Saturday night and while I would love to claim that I party all night and sleep all day, that would be a lie. Therefore it is only about once a month that I decide to pull out my party frock and realise just how pale I actually am!

In my younger years I am ashamed to say that I was a bit of a sun worshipper and I'm sure I will be punished with a few extra wrinkles for that. The last few years though I have been all about faking it!

I did have an old faithful that I relied on, found only after many a orange tinged disaster, however when I made the decision to go cruelty free I had to rethink and thats when I found the Solait range at Superdrug.

I really like this fake tan, it doesn't streak and it is a bronzey (is that a word?) colour not orange. It also doesn't does make you look dirty. It doesn't have a strong smell either which after getting into bed many a time smelling of stale biscuits I appreciate and means you can apply on the same day if you don't have time to tan in advance.

I always apply using my tan mitt ( which needs a wash so I didn't think you would appreciate a visual of that) but actually the product is very light so if you are not a fake tan pro it doesn't matter. I personally do 2 or 3 coats to get the colour I want.

You could argue that it's too light and if you are used to products that only needing applying once maybe it's not for you as it is a little time consuming. For me though it's part of the fun of getting ready and so I like to take my time to build up the colour.

So whatever you are doing this Saturday night be it curled up on the sofa or ready to rave, enjoy your Saturday night

AKL xx

Scrub your troubles away

Happy Friday!

Friday is officially my favourite day and today happens to be the best Friday of the month....... PAYDAY yeaaaaaaa! So in honour of this most special of Friday's I took a bit of a detour home and treated myself to some 'Good Things' ...literally!

This is the Good Things Spa Argan Oil Restoring body scrub and by Friday I don't know about you but I need restoring!

I spotted this product firstly because of the massive 'FREE FROM' sign on the front of the product and anything 'free from' gets my attention. I wish more products followed suit as it would save me a considerable amount of time trawling the small print on bottles on every shopping trip. All the Good Things Spa products are free from animal ingredients ( suitable for vegans) as well as sulphites, parables and mineral oils.

It also smells fantastic! I can't quite pin point the smell as it contains Walnut and coccoa butter which both smell great on there own but together YUM! I don't know if I should describe a non food as yum but hay ho.

I can't wait to use this and literally scrub the week away!

I'd love to hear what you have treated yourselves to this week/month, comment below and let me know

Happy Friday everyone 

AKL. xx

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Hi everyone

Hope you are all doing well.

Today I wanted to talk to you about skincare. It's was one of the most important things for me when I decided to go cruelty free. It's really important to me to keep my skin clean and fresh especially after a long day at work. Two of my favourites products for this is the Simply Pure foaming cleanser and refreshing tonor both from Superdrug.

I have always used a wash off cleanser on my face rather than a cream. I have oily combination skin so find that a wash off cleanser give me a much fresher feeling. You only need a pea size amount of the cleanser, it's very smooth and removes make up including water proof mascara really well. I use it once in the morning and twice at night to remove my make up and then wash my face.

Next up is Tonor, this is something I have always struggled with I always find it makes my face feel dry or the opposite end of the scale, greasy. So far I have been using the Simply Pure tonor for aprox 4 months and its one of the best I have found. It's not greasy at all and as long as I follow up with moisturiser it doesn't leave my face dry or sore. I would reccomend this product to anyone struggling with there skincare.

Next up in my routine is moisturiser. I have 3 that I use everyday. 

The first one is my day moisturiser and I am nearly ready to repurchase. My current day moisturiser is by Skin System which I picked up at my local supermarket. This is a new product I have picked up last month and Im a little unsure. Its quite thick like a night cream but it has SPF in so its a day cream. It has grown on me, I have found that it soaks in well and it doesn't leave a greasy residue like some moisturisers with SPF. However pay day is just around the corner so I think I might just keep my options open.

Simply Pure light moisturiser is a good faithful, repurchase every month moisturiser. At night I don't want any SPF as it clogs the pores. I am a big fan of this product It rubs in well, no fragrance, it doesn't make me break out and it really soothes my skin. All in all a really good basic to have in.

The last moisturiser I want to talk about is my eye cream. I have been using a new product recently called Nspa Youthful Eye Cream. There is a 4 step range covering all skincare but so far I've only tried the eye cream.

This is by far my favourite product I'm talking about today. It's creamy but also very light and soaks in so well. I can feel the difference in my eyes after using it I feel less puffy and the skins feel lovely and smooth. Thumbs up from me!

Thank you again for reading, hope you enjoyed and I hope it helps you when looking for cruelty free skincare.

Have a great week!

Friday, 13 November 2015

BB Basics

LHi everyone

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

I'm so exciting to be writing my first blog, it's been a long time coming. I read and take inspiration from so many wonderful beauty and lifestyle bloggers that I thought it was about time I got stuck in. I am a massive animal lover and so for some time I've been changing all my beauty products brands that are not tested on animals. It's a long process and not something that happens overnight but this blog is all about products I've found and things I've learnt with a few fun things thrown in for fun.

When I came to my first blog I thought it only right that I start at the beginning and when it comes to quick, easy and affordable every day make up there are 2 products I turn to. 

The Superdrug 7 in 1 BB Anti Ageing Day Cream and the Superdrug BB Eye Cream.

These are new purchase for me but I'm so happy I found them. They are so affordable and will suit any budget. They are the type of product you can still afford the week before pay day without choosing between that and your bus fare to work. So why do I love them well let me tell you......

BB cream anti aging 7in 1 skin perfecting day cream

This cream gives the skin a really nice even and smooth texture and covers over any blemishes that have dared show themselves overnight 😡 Like most of you I don't have much time in the mornings before work and this product is very easily absorbed so perfect for quick and easy application. Being a BB cream the coverage is very light so if you like a full coverage it is not the one for you but it creates a great base for powder and bronzer. 

It is also anti ageing which is a must for me and also contains an SPF of 30 which is important for all skin types. It's a very creamy texture and doesn't leave an oily residue, all in all I am very pleased with this product.

BB Eye cream 5 in 1

As much as I do like the BB day cream I think the eye cream is my favourite of the 2. I love this product. It comes with a small brush applicator which is great because there is no dragging around the eye area and you can just dap any excess in with the tip of your finger. It quick and easy with no mess and the tube is a decent size so will last me a long while.

Thank you all for reading my first blog, hope you enjoyed. Speak soon