Sunday, 31 January 2016

I just fell in love with an eyeshadow

Hi everyone

I spoke a while ago I think in my Beauty Love Tag about needing to add to my make up collection now that I have gone cruelty free. I don't very often wear a lot of make up particularly around my eyes because as I mention in other posts I have very sensitive eyes but I may have just change that.

I stumbled across these while in my local supermarket. They are both Collection, the white one is Ice Queen and it is amazing as both an eye shadow and a highlighter. It goes on like a pearly white shimmer and I used this on the centre of my eyelids, just below my brow, in the inner corner of my eyes and a small amount in my cupids bow. I put a few coats on my eye lids like a eye shadow and then everywhere else I put it on and blended throughly almost to get rid of the colour and leave the shimmer.

The gold/brown colour is Rosy Gold and again it can be used as an eye shadow and a shimmer. I used it in my crease on top of another eye shadow and also on the top of my cheeks as a highlighter.

Both of these are really pretty colours and they add a glow without looking like I'm covered in glitter if you know what I mean. There was little to no fall out when I was applying them and they stayed in place all night. I was really impressed. I also think they are all year round colours as currently I add them on to browns and in summer they can go on top of corals and pinks.

Finally I also brought the black Kohl eyeliner pencil and I really like this, it is really black and because it new and really sharp I managed to do a really thin line like it almost isn't an eyeliner. It stayed on all night and there wasn't any smudging or running.

Thanks for reading


January favourites

Hi there everyone

I've not done one of these posts yet as I kind of missed the boat on my 2015 favourites so I'm looking forward to this. I think January must he a hard favourite to write because I don't know about you but I got a lot of amazing beauty and skincare gifts as well as other trinkets for Christmas so narrowing things down is hard (violins out) which is why the picture looks a bit squished but here goes.

1. My new slippers
I literally brought these last weekend and my mum spotted them at the till in Primark for £1 so not only are they my favourite they are also a massive bargain. They are so soft and as we have just had a tiled floor go down in the kitchen perfect for keep my toes toasty warm.

2. Batiste dry shampoo
I wrote a whole post on this and I still love it, the packaging remind me of summer and holidays so that's always a plus. I'm going to be looking out for a hand bag size of this one to carry around. It's going to become a staple of mine.

3. Superdrug Coconut and Sweet Almond Sampoo and Conditioner
I have been using Superdrug shampoo for about 6 months now and I normally use the Macadamia Nut one. However I didn't feel like the conditioner was as moisturising as I needed it to be so I saw this one and thought I would give it a go. I really like this one, I love the smell of Coconut anyway as it reminds me of cocktails and again holidays (can you see a theme here) and this one is much more moisturising.

4. Superdrug Hair therapy oil with Argan
Keeping in the hair theme I've just done a post on this and not only is it my January favourite it was my 2015 favourite as well. It leave my hair in good conditioning and helps to combat the heat and styling my hair goes through.

5. Superdrug Super fruits Exfoliating Mask
I've used this all up and I'm very disappointed so I will be repurchasing. It smells lovely and I feel like it really clears the pores on my nose. It leave my skins fresh and smooth so this is currently my favourite face mask. I did a post on multi masking where I use a couple of other good mask also.

6. Coconut water and Coconut Alpro Milk
Clearly this has been a Coconutty month as I have been drinking lots of Coconut related drinks. Coconut milk is my new choice instead of cows milk for my cereal and Coconut water is because I've heard many good things about it.

7. Lush Passion Fruit Lip Balm
My next 2 items are both purple themed, first up the lip balm. On the outside its purple but inside its bright orange and smells amazing. I got this for Christmas and I've been using it most days but it is still going strong. I was going to save it for my holiday as its a really summery fragrance but I couldn't wait. It moisturises my lips and is also a really good base for lipgloss.

8. Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Cosmo
Next is nail varnish and I think there will always be a nail varnish in my favourites. I feel like this colour is perfect for this time of year, it's winter but not too dull. I like the Nail Paints as they go on really nicely and leave a shiney finish. They dry quite quickly as well which is always handy as I normally doing coats in between dog walks.

9. Solait Tinted Bronzing Moose
Some of you may have seen this in my 'Bargain of the week' post as I stumbled across this at 62p due to rebranding. I normally go for medium but this time I got light. I really like this brand as it goes on really smoothly with no streaks. I do always try and exfoliate and moisturise before tanning but I also feel like this doesn't seem to stick to any dry patches and create that's muddy elbow effect. 

10. Coconut Oil
It's a staple now up there with tooth paste and deodorant. It's my eye make up remover, hair treatment, dry skin sorter outer and proberley much more. I mix it with the Argon oil product to go in my hair and it smells really nice. The only the I haven't tried it with yet is food as it is quite expensive compared to my usual olive oil but I may just need to shop around.

11. Tea tree oil
A bit like coconut oil not particularly exciting to look at but a staple in the cupboard. I use this with my moisturiser as on its own it's a bit harsh but it's really good on any blemishes. 

12. Marks and Spencer's Dazzling lip gloss
Finally it's a lip gloss and I like,this because it's moisturising as well as making your lips shiny. It's really pearly and again a product that is good for summer and winter.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you favourite January things were.


My number one product for treating damaged hair

Hi everyone

Im talking today about my favourite hair treatment and as high street products go it really is the best one I've found. 

I recently talked about dyeing my hair, this along with the fact that I am guilty of using too many heat tools means I need a product that's going to intensively moisturise my hair. The Hair Therapy Oil with Argon Oil goes some way to making up for the heat, styling and stress I put my hair through and leaves my hair in much better condition.

I've been using this product for a little while now but when I went to repurchase about 2 months ago they had run out so when I saw it in stock again I dived on it.

It's a really inexpensive product and often on offer in Superdrug for buy one get one free, i got 2 for £6. It's smells beautiful, a really relaxing fragrance like being in a spa.

There are a couple of ways to use it, you can use it either before blow drying as a serum or as an intensive moisturising treatment. For me it's the moisturising treatment and I use this on a Sunday as much as I can. I put it on at lunchtime and about then leave it on for at least a couple of hours or till I have my shower. I really notice the difference in how my hair feels, it's easier to brush and detangle and is much smoother and shinier. 

The bottle is quite small and I have quite long hair so I find the bottle lasts me about 3 treatments which given the price is still really good. I would highly recommend this product and I will keep repurchasing.  

Thanks for reading


My new (old) favourite product

Hi everyone

I decided today was a good day to talk about my new favourite product, I say new but it's a product I've been using for years and stopped using about a year ago. It is the Batiste dry shampoo.

When I decided to change my make up, hair and skin care products all to being cruelty free I had ran out of my Batiste Brunette dry shampoo, the one in the brown and silver bottle and I went and brought a Superdrug own brand dry shampoo, which is cruelty free and I also do love and recommend.

What I didn't do is a proper check of all the products I had been buying for years to see which of them were already cruelty free and Bastiste is one of them. I rediscovered it in a trip to Superdrug to repurchase dry shampoo and this bottle was on offer and on its own little display. One of the bottles was the wrong way round and that's when I saw the vegan sign. (Whhhooooo)

To make it even better I love this one called Sweetie. It smells really fruity and sweet when you spray it but isn't over powering, once you have brushed it through you are left with a very subtle smell and of course like all Batiste products it works really well to keep my hair fresh. 

Thanks for reading.


My favourite teas

Hi everyone

I am a massive fan of tea, English breakfast, fruit teas, all tea. So I thought I would talk today about a few of my favourites. I have to mention my favourite cup firstly with my beautiful doggy Mollie on. This was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago.

First up is my good old English breakfast, I drink this black now as I try not to drink cows milk. I love a good cup of tea, I do think it's the only way to start the day for me.

Next up is Earl Gray, this is relatively new addition. I started to drink black tea when I stopped drinking cows milks so Earl Grey seemed a obvious choice. It's very strong much stronger than English breakfast? Earl Grey is good for digestion, good stress relief and cold relief. Apparently drinking 3 cups of Earl Grey will help prevent heart disease.

Next is the opposite end of the scale with Chamomile tea. Its quite an earthy taste and I find it best to drink before bed as it is quite soothing and is useful for getting a good nights sleep.

This is a really lovely tea, Jasmine tea. It's very fresh and smells amazing which I find really soothing. It's doesn't taste too floral though which is good. Jasmine tea is also really good at reducing stress and aids digestion.

Peppermint tea is next and I only drink this every now and again, I like it quite weak and not too minty. It is again quite an earthy taste but it is really good for tummy ache, boosting your immune system and also if you have eaten really strong flavoured foods like garlic or onion.

What are your favourite teas, have you tried any really nice ones recently? I would love to hear your recommendations.

Thanks for reading


Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Beauty Love Tag

Hi everyone

I saw the Beauty Love tag on A little dose of make up's blog and thought I would give it a go, so here goes.....

1. If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be?
Carli Bybel, I love her make up and I think she would be fun.

2. What's your top makeup tip?
For sensitive eyes that run in the cold, rain or wind make sure you place face powder right up to your lower lash line before applying eye liner, mascara or eye shadow somehow it seems to stop any tears ruining the rest of you make up.

3. What one makeup item could you not live without?
Face powder

4. What one skincare item could you not live without?
Face wash, I love the feeling of a fresh clean face.

5. What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?
Eye shadow products, I'm practicing though.

6. What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to beauty?
Overly dark fake eyebrows 

7. What's your favourite makeup era?
I like the 50s look, very feminine although it's not a look I wear myself

8. What's your guilty pleasure product?
Fake tan, does this count? On the face so I think it counts

9. What's your underdog product?
My Barry M foundation. Before I went cruelty free I have tried Rimmel, Loreal and a few other in the bid to find a good foundation but my Barry M is my favourite so far.

10. What's your favourite makeup product of 2015?
So far it would be Barry M foundation again although now that I have changed most of my skincare products to cruelty free my next step is to try and improve my make up so watch this space.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know your answers.


Sanctuary haul

Hi everyone

I've talked about Sanctuary products before and they are one of my favourite brands (after Lush). I feel like they are an accessible luxury brand and using them feel like you are pampering yourself. Today I have the Gentle Polish Body Scrub, the Cleansing Burst Body wash and the Luxurious Body Butter.

So the Gentle Polish Body Scrub, this is a sharp contrast to the Body Shop Scrub I reviewed recently. They both have a place in my shower but while the Body Shop Product is much harsher and proberley one to use every 2 weeks the Sanctuary I will be using this much more often. It leaves my skin very smooth but is not too rough and creates a great base for moisturiser and of course, like all Sanctuary products, amazing.

Next I have the Cleansing Burst Body wash, this product foams really nicely and you feel like you are in a advert. I also feel like the smell lasts a long time on my skin even if I don't moisturise after.

Once I am sufficiently washed, scrubbed and polished it's time for moisturiser and I have the Luxurious Body Butter. This is really thick but rubs in really well. It really does feel luxriois. I tend to use this on a night in though as it smells so lovely it seems a shame to put purfume on top. I would highly recommend this product.

Thanks for reading, what are your favourite Sanctuary products? Do you have any recommendations for accessible luxury products. 


Review of the Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream

Hi everyone

A little while ago I did a review of the Body Shop Resurfacing Scrub and it seemed only right that I review its sister product the Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream, rich nurturing body cream. Another winner in my book. It's the same range the Spa of the world and without stating the obvious is a perfect a compliment to the scrub.

It is really thick and you only need a small amount each time. It feels like it is building a layer of protection on your skin but without being sticky or greasy. As I said I used this after the scrub and anywhere that the scrub was a little abrasive this moisturiser really soothed and smoothed. I would decently recommend this product either after the scrub or on its own.

I would say that I would personally use this as a night time product when I have time to rub it in and allow to soak in rather than before work where I'm rushing.

Thanks for reading


What I use to dye my hair - cruelty free hair dye

Hi everyone

Today I talking hair dye and like most of my skin and haircare products it's cruelty free. My natural hair colour is brown but it's many years since I've seen it. 

Over the years I've had a few different hair colours, at school I used the good old wash out packs and turned various shades of purple and red. Then at about 18 I started to go blonde and went slowly lighter and lighter for a couple of years until I went to uni and couldn't afford to keep my roots updated and went brunette again. 

My current colour is .....

This is the Superdrug Permanent Creme Colour in the shade 6.77 Natural Intense Rich Browne.  I've used many different packet dyes and they do tend to get a bad press about being bad for your hair and my hair does feel drier after dying but I combat this with a hair care routine. I'll talk about this in another post.

I moved to this product after going cruelty free last year and I've been really happy with it. There is plenty of choice on colour if I decide to go lighter or darker brown and it is very inexpensive. It also doesn't have that potent packet dye smell which I have often found with others. One thing I do really like us that it doesn't dry my scalp as much, some dyes I find my scalp feels sore for a couple of days after using with this one I haven't. It covers well and is not messy so I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an inexpensive cruelty free home dye.

Thanks for reading


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My multi masking routine

Hi everyone

Its time to multitask again. I can't believe for all those years I only used one mask at a time even though  the skin on my face is certainly not acting the same at any one time. The mask I've got today are the Detoxifying Dead Sea Mask, the Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask and the Superfruits Exfoliating Mask.

The first one I put on is the Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask and this one I'm going to use on my forehead, cheeks and between my eyes (sort of the top and of my nose). I don't really get any blemishes here so I just want to smooth the skins and brighten it.

Next is the Super Fruits Exfoliating Mask and this is going on my nose. I have the most open pores on my nose and this mask is to refine pores and purify. This is a mask and an exfoliator as well.

Last but not least is the Detoxifying Dead Sea Mask and this is going on my chin. I get the most break outs on my chin and I've used this mask before and it really helps clear a break out.

This is my multi masking routine, what's yours I'd love to know.

Thanks for reading.


My travel bucket list - top 5

Hi everyone

This was actually a really hard post to write as there are so many places that I would love to visit but these are my top 5 place on my bucket list.

1. Santarini - I am desperate to go back to Santarini, I lived in Crete for 3 summers and one summer I took a day trip to Santarini and it was soooooooo beautiful. There was so many cute little restaurants and bars and I would love to go back but for longer than one day.

2. Thailand - my boyfriend has been to Thailand and talks about it a lot, there so many different things to do and so many beautiful places. I think there are a few not so beautiful places too but I would love to travel around and experience Thailand. Below is one of the pictures he took.

3. Las Vegas - ever since watching the hangover I would love to go to Las Vegas what more can I say.

4. Easter Island - when I was at university I did a short course on Tourism along side my main course and one of the things we looked at was Easter Island. I just found it so fascinating so I would love to see it for myself.

5. Amsterdam - this is a little bit closer to home and I have always wanted to go here. I've had so many friends go and I feel like this one may be first on my list.

Where do you want to go, where have you been and what would you recommend?

Let me know, thanks for reading.


Bargain of the day

Hi everyone 

Really short post but had to share my Bargain Of The Day and I actually can't believe it. I walked into Superdrug minding my own business and I spot a sticker that said 62p RIGHT UNDER MY BRAND OF FAKE TAN it's normally £7.99. Which is good anyway. 

So I cleared the shelf. I think they are just changing the packaging. 

If you love this fake tan get yourself to Superdrug, you never know.

The Angels of fake tan did me a favour today. Tell me about some of your bargains, I love a good bargain.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Review of the Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Hi everyone

Time for review....

A new product I've been trying recently is the Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Generally I would say this product comes with a thumbs up but also a bit warning.

It says on the tub 'resurfacing' and this is a good description as its a harsher scrub than I've previously used. On the back of my arms and any non sensitive parts of the body it is amazing. My skin literally feels soft and smooth and actually quite moisturised which is quite surprising. However when putting it on my arms I got it under my arms and it's a little too abrasive. I love this product but for me I would only use it once a week or every other week and I will be careful where I use it just so as not to make my skin too sensitive. It would be amazing before fake tanning or if you are going on holiday and want to prep your skin.

Another random point is that it left my bath really slippy so be careful! 

Thanks for reading


Friday, 15 January 2016

30 question beauty tag

Hi everyone 

I saw the 30 question beauty tag on Kate Rose XO and loved reading it so I thought I would give it a go. Here goes.....

1. Do you remember your first makeup item?
I think it was pink lipstick (maybe Loreal) that my grandma gave me. I'm sure I asked to wear it that much that she decided she may as well give it to me.

2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications? 
As someone who has very sensitive eye that run in the cold, wind, rain, sun etc I would love one that does not move, no smudging, running or flaking. No I haven't found one but I am constantly looking!

3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from your foundation?
I prefer light coverage but as I'm prone to breakouts I always end up with a high coverage.

4. Favourite high end brand?
Urban decay

5. What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t? 
Elf, the delivery is so expensive even thought the products are so affordable.

6. Favourite drugstore brand? 
B. From Superdrug

7. Do you wear fake eyelashes?
No I have really sensitive eyes :)

8. Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without?
I do leave the house without any make up but only to walk the dog or pop to the shop. If I'm going out for longer though it would be face powder as my face is often quite shiney.

9. What is your most cherished beauty product?
Currently my new Lush face cream Vanishing Act as I love it and don't want it to run out.

10. How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there or get loads of goodies at once?
One a month on payday and then here and there when I see something I want.

11. Do you have a beauty budget or do you spend freely? 
It depends what else is going on that month :(

12. Do you utilise coupons, reward cards and sales when you shop for cosmetics?
I have a Boots Advantage card and a Superdrug card.

13. What type of products do you buy the most? 
Nail varnish - I might be addicted 

14. Is there a brand that you absolutely cannot stand?
Not really but I buy only cruelty free products

15. Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics like parabens or sulphate?
Yes if I can, I'm still learning.

16. Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup? 
Yes it's superdrug as all there own brand products are cruelty free.

17. Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine?
I'm constantly trying new products, I have a few long standing ones but Im on the search for perfection

18. Favourite bath and body brand? 

19. If you could only buy from one brand, which brand would you choose?
Lush, can you see a trend?

20. What brand do you think has the best packaging?
Maybe Good Things Spa

21. Which celebrity always has great makeup? 
Any Victoria Secret Model

22. Do you belong to any online makeup communities?

23. 3 favourite beauty gurus?
Make up by Cheryl
Babs Beauty
Carli Bybel  

24. Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains? 
Yes, anything that doubles is good for me.

25. Are you clumsy when putting on makeup? 
Yes very, not actually on my face but all over my carpet, clothes etc (whoops)

26. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
I used to but recently I've been using just my face primer as I'm on the hunt for a cruelty free eye primer 

27. How many hair products do you use on a typical day? 
Aprox 4 Shampoo, conditioner, heat defence, serum 

28. What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?

29. Do you ever consider taking makeup classes? 
Yes it's one of my New Years Resolutions

30. What do you love about makeup? 
That you can change every day and also looking for new brands and products.

Hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading.