Sunday, 21 February 2016

February favourites

Hi everyone

I can't believe we are so far into March already, Im much later than planned with this post but I still wanted to talk about all my favourite products from Febraury. As usual they are mostly beauty items but I have thrown in one none beauty item, although they do say we are what we eat so maybe it's the ultimate beauty item.

So first up I have my vegetation recipe book, I do have lots of my favourite recipes already that I've adapted to replace the meat part but I do like to look through this for inspiration. Since I stopped eating meat I've had to rethink all my go to meals which can actually be fun.

Next I have my new Superdrug hair brush, I brought this in February to try and get more volume in my hair and I really like it. I think I will purchase one with a bigger barrel this month but for now I really like this, it easy to use when blow drying my hair. It's quicker than rollers so perfect for before work, I'm currently trying to master curls.

Next is my B. Make up brush cleaner and I am a big fan of this brand. This cleaner is quick to use, easy to store, doesn't smell chemically and should last me a little while as its quite a big tub. I really like this and it seems to protect my brushes shape.

One of the brushes I'm using it on is my new blusher brush, I've got a lot of newly brought items in my favourites this month. I really like this brush, it is a really firm brush and perfect for contouring and using blush, it gives a really firm line in exactly where I want it with little fall out. Superdrug brushes are also really inexpensive so a perfect choice for starting out.

Moving on I have my next favourite and it has to be a Sanctuary products, these might have to be my all time favourite smelling products, take the top off and it smells like you have walked into a spa. This is the Cleansing Burst Body Wash, I got one for Christmas in a gift pack and I have just repurchased. It's none sticky and a small amount goes a long way.

Broken record alert, ive done a whole post on this and it features in every favourites so I won't go into this so check out my post on this amazing product but I do love love love this product.

My next favourite product is the elf Lip Exfoliator. This has made a massive difference to the condition of my lips and has been an essential over the winter, it's really quick and you can even carry it around in your handbag as its just the size of a lipstick. I have a bad habit of lip biting but this is helping to curb my habit.

Keeping with elf I have the clear brow gel and mascara, I haven't used a gel before on my brows and I actually only use this when I've got my full going out make up on as I feel it makes my brows a little dark for work or casual wear. On a night out though I really like it as it gives a really groomed look and I like the mascara as it makes my lashes longer if I layer under my black mascara.

There has always got to be a Lush product in my favourites and this time it's the R&B hair moisturiser. I have learnt that a tiny bit if this goes a long way, I was quite heavy handed at first and on occasion made my hair appear greasy but now I use a tiny bit rub it between my hands a smooth it over my hair mainly at the very ends.

Next I have the Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui cream, this is amazing. It smells so good like a spa and it lasts so long. I really like a cream that rubs in well and leaves my skin smooth but not greasy and this is it. I would recommend this product particularly if you are fake tanning or have dry skin from the winter, this is a night time cream for me though, maybe a little heavy for before I put on clothes.

My next favourite is the exact opposite of the Body shop moisturiser as its perfect for using before you put on clothes and that is the Superdrug Vitamin E body cream. It's a huge tub and really inexpensive, it rubs in well and doesn't really have a smell so good if you are applying perfume or spray after.

Last but not least is my Collection nail varnish in Sonic Blue, there's not too much to say other than I love this colour and I think it's perfect to transition from winter to spring. Although roll on some summer sun please.

So that's it for my favourites for February, what are your favourites? What would you recommend?

Thanks for reading