Friday, 18 November 2016

What Im watching on Netflicks and my vegan snack reccomendation

Hi everyone

I spend a lot of time on Netflicks there are so many good series that I end up watching 4 or 5 at once so here are my recommendations and if you are feeling a bit peckish I am in love with this Sainsbury's vegan chocolate pudding.

 1. Pretty Little LiarsSo I am very much obsessed with this show I've just started Series 3. I love the outfits, the hairstyles and the drama. It follows 4 friends as they try and find out what happened to there friend who went missing.

2. Z Nation - not normally my kind of thing but I really like this. Think The Walking Dead but the storey line is much quicker and keeps you hooked.

3. Falling Skies - I've seen this before and it's really good, it is about an alien invesion on planet earth. Again not normally mind kind of thing but I really liked it. Lots of aliens, the good people always winning and lots of action. 

4. Luther - if you like Idris Alba then you will like this. He plays a slight off the wall detective who is very good at his job. It keeps you hooked throughout, I would reccomend this.

5. The Do over - this is a really funny film with Adam Sandler. A normal ordinary guy gets conned into helping am old friend and his life gets turned up side down. I won't say more as I might spoil it but it's a good watch.

So that's what I'm watching, what have you been watching do you have any reccomendations.

Thanks for reading.