Saturday, 20 February 2016

Review of the Superdrug Hydrating and Superdrug Purifying Sheet Masks

Hi everyone

I'm back to masks again, it might be my favourite topic now. I did a posts about the new masks I was using and mentioned 2 sheet masks that I had brought but was a little unsure of. Well I'm back with my review.

The masks are the Superdrug Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask and the Superdrug Purifying Facial Sheet Mask. I was a little unsure as I prefer the deep down clean of a clay mask but I thought why not give them a go and here is my review.

Firstly I tried the Hydrating mask as my skin is a little dry recently due to the cold weather.

I was pleasantly surprised and slightly frustrated all at the same time. It's a full face sheet and do has gaps for your eyes, nose and mouth but the frustrating bit is that as its a bit of a one size fits all deal it was too long for me and only stuck proberley to my forehead and cheeks.

On the bright side my forehead and cheeks felt amazing afterwards, they were soft and smooth and I noticed the difference up to a few days after. It felt like my moisturiser went in smoother and my skin felt fresh and brighter.

So based on this I took my frustrations and turned it into a project for my next mask the Purifying mask.

I put the mask on my forehead and then basically cut off the bits that didn't fit on my nose and chin and the just stuck them to my face as separate bits. It looked a bit weird but did the job much better and again it left my skin feeling smooth and fresh. I would say that it didnt feel there was much difference between the 2 masks but I would repurchase them again.

What is your experience with sheet mask, do you prefer them or the cream versions? 

Thanks for reading