Sunday, 21 February 2016

Review of the B. Nourished Night Serum

Hi everyone

I've been reading a lot about serums and face oils recently and I am really keen to introduce one of them into my skin care routine but being prone to breakouts and blemishes I was a little weary about them make my breakouts worse. So I did a bit of research and settled on this as my first attempt into the serum world, it's the B. Nourished Night Serum.

This is from the Step 1 of the B. Skincare range which means it is for ages 20 to 30. I really like the way they do the steps, I don't think you need to follow them 100% as its really important to match products to your skin but it's a really good indication. The steps fall into Step 1 ages 20-30, Step 2 ages 30-40, Step 3 ages 40-50 and Step 4 ages 50's onwards.

I choose the Step 1 for me as it is more designed towards oily blemish prone skin as well as anti ageing where as Step 2 felt more anti ageing. I am at the age that I do need anti ageing but often the specific products are a bit heavy for my skin.

I've used this a couple of times now and I'm really impressed, it is quite a small bottle so not sure how long this will last but I do only use a small pump. It comes out a much thicker texture than thought it would be as I was expecting it to be the texture of a hair serum but it comes out similer to my moisturiser. It's very light and rubs into the skin really nicely, there is no greasy layer and I didn't feel like I had to wait to put in my moisturiser on after.

My skin felt really soft and fresh when I woke up this morning and because it's not greasy I've not had any reaction to this or any blemishes. So far so good with this product and I would recommend this for anyone looking for a light serum to add to their routine.

Thanks for reading.