Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My favourite Instagram accounts

Hi everyone

I'm pretty much addicted to Instagram, I love anything visual and I get insta envy on an hourly basis. So I thought I would do a round up of my favourite instagram accounts. Here goes: 

1. It's little Lauren, I love everything about this. It's bright and colourful and really girly, full of cupcakes and baking inspiration as well as of course make up. Clicking on it cheers me up.

2. Drop some sparkle, a fashion blog with so many cute outfits. It's really individual and just so lovely. This account really brightens my day.

3. Inthefrow, this is an envy inducing account full of high fashion and travel. I have watched Inthefrow on YouTube and read her blog for a while and Instagram does not disappoint.

4. Plant based Judy, full of vegan inspirations and beautiful looking food. Everything looks so fresh and healthy and yummy. Just don't go on this one if your hungry and not near a supermarket :(

5. Plant based pixie, same as above with some really good nutritional vegan food. Full of amazing pictures and ideas.

6. Catherine.MW, this is such a beautiful girly pink account. This account really cheers me up and some of the hair post of amazing. I'm so jealous but I love it.

So there the are my favourite Instagram accounts, you can see the theme here, make up and food. 

Do you have any favourite accounts? Let me know I would love to hear.

Thanks for reading



Hi everyone

I regularly see wish list posts on blogs so I thought I would do one myself. I've gone for a very affordable Wishlist so I surpose you could actually call it a shopping list but hay ho here goes.

I've got to go with Lush first of course - would you expect anything less? These are the Golden egg bath bombs. I literally love these they just look amazing, not good for before work maybe as they are covered in glitter but amazing for an extra special bath time at £3.95 it's a bit of a treat but still affordable.

Another bath products but I just couldn't resist, it's the Lush bunch of carrots bath product, they are cute. At £6,25 it's more of a treat so mabye a one off pay day treat.

Next I'm moving shops over to Superdrug and it's the B. Defined eyebrow kit. I've put down the light one for me as it is my colours bu they do a darker one as well. This one is £9.99. 

Next is my most expensive item, its the POP EAU DE PARFUM 30ML at £42. Stella Mcartney purfume is cruelty free so any of her purfume appeal to me. This is one to save for.

My next product is e.l.f. Studio Aqua Beauty Primer Mist which costs £9.00. I'm really interested in a primer most as I've only ever had a cream primer.

Next might be the prettiest of all my Wishlist, it's the studio face shimmer asked highlighter.

I've loved making this Wishlist, mabye next time I'll make a high end one. What's on your Wishlist?

Thanks for reading.


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Empties and favourites for March

Hi everyone

So I am massively late with this post but I really wanted to do it still. These are all my empties from March. I had to go through them because for the most part they also make up my favourites so I thought I would combine the 2. So here they all are.

I've got to start off with Lush first and it is the H'Suan Wen Hua hair treatment. The difference in my hair is amazing when I use this I really like it. It is a very creamy and smells lovely, for me it goes down too quick but that's only because I love it. I would most certainly recommend this product if you want an intense treatment to get dry hair shining again.

Next I have the Jersey Bounce, also a hair product. I love the name of this and I love the product just as much. It contains sea salt and it sort of exfoliates your scalp which leaves my hair bouncy and with more volume. It also contains lemon and so it smells amazing.

Sticking with Lush but moving on to face creams and I am literally in mourning for these 2 they are so good but are very pricey. They are the Vanishing cream and the Cosmetic lad, they both contain Lavender and so smell amazing but the reason I love them is because they are so soothing on the face, they sink into the skin without leaving any greasy residue and if I have any redness or any breakouts they soothe them without being too harsh. It's my birthday coming soon so mabye I'll buy myself a birthday present. 

This is the last Lush item I promise and it's The Olive Branch shower gel. I'm not sure about this one to be honest. I loved it while it lasted but it went so quick. It was so runny that I used too much product each time so as much as I love it I think I would go for something like The Comforter again.

Changing the brand here but still one of my favourites, Original source and my favourite scent as well Vanilla and Raspberry. It's creamy and it just smells like you want to put in on a dessert and eat it.

So I think my next one has featured in many a post but still warrants a mention, this is the Superdrug Simply Pure Foaming facial wash. I recently tried the same brand but in the gel and it just wasn't as good so I've gone back to what I know and got the foaming face wash.

Throw back to my Christmas gifts and it's the Bayliss and Harding shower wash and shower creme. This is so random but they are also nostalgic when I look at them. This isn't a brand I really buy myself as I often only see them only if gift packs but I am on the look out as I really like them. The wash was my favourite as it meant I didn't use so much product.

Last but not least are my staples, I'm never far from these products. The Superdrug Coconut and Sweat Armond shampoo and conditioner. This is my favourite scent and the creamiest of them. It's really moisturising and leaves my hair smelling lovely, best of all it is very inexpensive. 

So there we go my combined favourites and empties. Sorry that they are so late.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, 28 March 2016

30 question beauty tag

Hi everyone

I love doing tags but I've not done one for a little while so I thought I would give this one a go. Hope you enjoy.

1. How many times do you wash your face daily? Twice a day every day without fail, I always take my make up off. In the evening I wash once to remove make up and then again straight after I wash my face.

2. What skin type do you have? I have oily combination.

3. What is your current facial wash? I use Superdrug Pure foaming face wash, I really like it as its inexpensive and last quite a while. It also removes make up really well but also is gentle.

 4. Do you exfoliate? No I don't. I am prone to break outs so I find exfoliating makes this worse.

5. What moisturizer do you use?use the Vanishing cream by Lush, I love it!

6. Do you have freckles? Yes lots especially in the sun, I used to hate them but they are just part of me now.

7. Do you use eye cream? Yes, I use the Superdrug vitamin E eye cream.

8. Did you or do you have acne prone skin? Yes I do particularly around my chin

9. What foundation do you use? I’m currently using the Barry M flawless foundation

10. How about concealer?use Collection concealer in Ivory

11. Do you know your undertone color? I have a neutral undertone colour

12. What do you think of fake eyelashes? Love them but I can't wear them as I have such sensitive eyes.

13. Did you know your supposed to change your mascara every 3 months? I did but I'm a bit guilty of not doing this.... Whoops

14. What brand of mascara do you use? I have the elf mascara in black.

15. What make-up tools do you use in your make up application? I have a no 7 foundation brush, a couple of MAC eye shadow brushes and a whole loads of Superdrug brushes as they are cruelty free. I also have eyelash curlers.

16. Do you use a makeup base/primer for the eyes? I just use my face primer at the moment but I'm on the look out.

 18. What is your favourite eyeshadow colour or shade? I love neutral shades but glitters in any colour are my weakness.

 19. Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? Pencil for me and also a felt tip one

20. Do you use mineral makeup? No

21. What is your favorite lipstick? I use glosses more than lip sticks and my current fave is one I got from M&S (cruelty free) and it's a pearly nude.

22. What is your favorite blush to use? Currently the MUA blush in Lolly.

 23. Have you ever considered taking makeup classes? No, I watch YouTube videos mainly.

24. Name a makeup crime that you hate? Black drawn on eyebrows

25. Are you clumsy in putting makeup on? Yes, I can be, I get powder everywhere.

26. Which celebrity always has great makeup? Victoria Secret models for the show.

27. Could you ever leave the house without make up on? Yes. I proberley wouldn't go to work without any on or for a night out but I do go to the shops or walk the dog.

28. If you could leave the house with just ONE makeup item, what would it be? Face powder 

29. In your opinion what is the BEST makeup line? Elf - affordable and cruelty free.

30. What do you love about make up? It's so creative and pretty and the possibilities are just endless. Watching a good beauty You Tuber is like watching an artist with a canvas. I love it.

Thanks very much for reading, hope you enjoyed.


Sunday, 27 March 2016

How to get a good nights sleep

Hi everyone

So I am a massive believer in getting a good nights sleep, it's so important to generally just keep me going. 

There are so many benefits to a good nights sleep as well. You look and feel better as it gives your body time to restore itself, you can stave off a cold or illness, it helps you focus and improve memory and it evens helps with stress, anxiety and depression. So what more excuse could you need to settle down for a good 8 hours of blissful sleep and here is how I do it.

Process the day

So often I come home from work and I am still thinking through a problem or revising my To Do list and this stops me from relaxing and allowing myself to sleep. To combat this I try and give myself time to process the day this could be on the bus, in the shower or while im making dinner. I think through any outstanding issues, decide on how and when to resolve them and move on. Some people are good at putting thing in a box and shutting the lid, I'm not I process and then move on.

Make something nice to eat

This is all part of caring for yourself, make something comforting and satisfying. Eating is going to restore your energy and make you feel better instantly. I'm using my recipe books to give me ideas

Take a bit of time to wind down and pamper yourself 

For me it's putting on a face mask, it doesn't take very much time but forces you to stop and spend a few minutes just relaxing. This yogurt smoothy one from Superdrug looks amazing.

Avoid coffee and too much tea before bed

You don't want anything to keep you awake, either through caffeine or because you are up and down going to the loo. If you still want a hot drink though I love soya milk hot chocolate. Make my mouth water just posting the pic.

Clean bedding

So this is proberley not practical for every day but a really good one for the weekend, there is nothing better than fresh, clean sheets.

Have an extra hour

Most of the time I just don't get enough sleep so whenever I get the opportunity I like to go to bed an hour early just to try and make up for it. To me this feels almost luxurious and like a treat.

Enjoy your sleep. Thanks for reading.