Saturday, 13 August 2016

You Tubers I'm loving right now

Hi everyone

I love watching You Tube, I spend most evening doing this before getting in bed. My main taste is make up and beauty videos and I thought I would share my favourites. Get some snacks and some tea  and settle in.

1. Juliaxbabee - I really like her videos, she does loads of make up tips and styles. She is a make up artist by trade as well I believe and her looks are very wearable.

2. Lauralee - she is so funny, I love her videos. She does great make up looks but I think my favourite are the life hacks she does. She has been using more drugstore stuff as well so this is really good.

3. Fashion Mumblr - I love her cruelty free videos, I love anyone doing cruelty free videos. She has a good way of describing products and styles and I also really like the name.

 4. Karrisa Mukas - I like that she is or was sort if a Tomboy but she has do many different styles. I also like her Creeping On Karrisa Vlog channel

5. Carli Bybel - she us just so pretty. I like the hints and tips she does and I love her clothing hauls. She did a video about following her dreams I really like that.

Who do you watch on You Tube, any reccomendations?

Thanks for reading.