Sunday, 28 February 2016

Review of the B. Make up brush cleanser

Hi everyone

Over the last few months I've been finding myself turning to the brand B. quite a lot and so far so good so when looking for a make up brush cleaner this seemed like the obvious choice. I've always washed my brushes previously, I'm prone to break outs so I have always wanted to keep my brushes clean but I've been using shampoo which can leave a soapy residue and also ruins the brush.

I am so far very impressed with this product, it's quite a big tube so should last me a while, it's a very easy to use spray which I like as it is none mesey or doesn't lead to waste. 

It's really simple to use, you spray it on to your brush and then use a tissue to wipe the brush to remove make up, dirt and bacteria. I sprayed it twice on the brushes I use everyday and it got them completely clean. There is no soapy residue, not mess and no harsh smell. It's also really inexpensive at under £5 so I will most certainly be repurchasing this product.

How do you clean your brushes, do you have a favourite product?

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My favourite shower gels

Hi everyone

Shower time....... I am a big fan of Origianl Source, they are not tested on animals and they are vegan. It's not often that there isn't one in my shower so when I saw these at £1 in Superdrug I really couldn't resist. In fact the issue I had was which one to buy so I went for all 3. 

Firstly I have the pink Grapefruit in the Orange tub, this smells amazing it is literally like opening a bottle of fruit juice. It actually brightens my mood both in colour and smell. 

Next I have the Vanilla and Rasberry and if you have read many of my post you will know that vanilla is my favourite fragrance followed closely by berries so as you can guess this is my favourite.

Last but most certainly not least is the Mango one, this one makes me feel like I should be on a. Balcony with a. Mango cocktail over looking a beach, it's a nice vision at 6:30 in the morning getting ready for work.

My only critics of Orignal source is that they are gel like rather than cream which means that I get through them really quickly. I literally go through them about 1 a week. However they smell so amazing that it is totally worth it.

What are you favourite shower or bath products, do you have any recommendations?

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My new hairbrush

Hi everyone

I think I've mentioned before that I am constantly in persuit of more volume in my hair, I have fine hair but a hell of a lot of it which if I don't be careful the middle tends to be frizzy but because it's long it drags down at the roots leaving it a little flat. I have roots sprays, I blow dry my hair upside down and I blow dry the roots from the underneath but I'm still not happy (will I ever be?) so I decided to invest in a barrel brush.

This one is from Superdrug and it is very inexpensive at under £5. They have a small, medium and large size and so I went for medium as a starting point.

I use this as you would rollers but without leaving them in. I brush through the the hair and then lift my hair from the roots over the brush and twist so it curves around the brush, then I apply heat. It's really quick and easy to do before work, it lifts my hair for the root and gives my hair the volume it needs.

I have to be very careful when applying heat to my hair because it is so fine it can damage easily. To combat any drying out I use Superdrug Hair Therapy oil with Argon, I've mentioned this so many times and while I don't apply this directly on the top of my roots I do apply this through my hair as often as possible so if I am applying heat to my hair to give volume it stays in good condition.

Over the past few weeks I've also been trying to style my hair in different ways using my hair grips so adding volume to my roots means my hair styles much easier either pinned back or in a a small plait.

What are your favourite hair styles and hair products. I would love to hear.

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My new nail varnishes

Hi everyone

My official favourite beauty product is nail varnishes, they are such an easy way to brighten up a day and make you look and feel more dressed up and ready for the day. So I have of course been buying new ones recently.

I feel we are in a really weird nail varnish season (did you know it had a season?!?! what I mean is that it isn't summer or even Spring, it snowed this morning, but I feel like I'm ready to get rid of the winter colours. So I've kind of done bright colours that would look great in summer but they are still cold colours for winter.

Firstly there is the B. Complete nail varnish. It is slightly lighter than it looks in the picture. I really like the B. nail varnishes as they go on really well with only a couple of coats, it is really shiny and it last really well.

Next I have a Collection nail varnish in the colour Sonic Blue. It is really bright and while blue is a cold colour this would look amazing on a beach holding a cocktail. I really like Collection nail varnishes they do last really well and go on nice and shiney which I like, my only criticism if there was one of that they tend to dry up really quickly.

The next colour is proberley my favourite of the three and it is a Collection nail vanish in the colour Ice. I had to put a few more costs on this one than the Sonic blue but once done it looks great.

I love nail varnishes, what are your favourite brands and colours? What's your go to nail shape?

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My bargain flip flop haul

Hi everyone

So in 74 days (not that I am counting I am going to Sal, Cape Verde for 2 weeks with my boyfriend and I am very excited. This is the first summer holiday we have been on as we normally go out of season in January. Now as much as I desperately missed the sun in January I am very excited about being able to actually in to shop to buy summer clothes whereas in January believe me unless you want to wear a jumper on the beach you have no chance.

So when I walked through Primark and saw these absolute bargains I just could not resist. First I have 2 pairs of day time flips flops in dark blue and blue and white stips. Believe it or not they were 90p each, crazy affordable. At first glance I was concerned they would be made badly as they are so cheap but they actually feel quite sterdy. They are cushioned and the toe grip is softer than expected.

Next I have the pink and gold chain pair. I do have heels to take on holiday with me but I thought these would be really good to wear at night if I don't fancy heels. These were slightly more at £1.80. It still massively affordable. I was tempted to buy the whole rail but seen as I need to take more than just flip flops in my luggage allowance I managed to control myself.

If you live in the uk I would 100% recommend you got to Primark for your cheap holiday essentials. I'm sure I will be back with another Primark haul very soon.

Are you going on holiday any where this year, have you find any bargains?

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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Make up I wore last night

Hi everyone

My favourite part of going out has to be getting ready, most of the time I'm out straight from work so I'm rushing and most of the time it's a brush through my hair and on a good day some lip gloss so when I do get chance to get ready I really enjoy it.

Here is all the make up and tools I used. It looks like a lot when you lay it out. So let's go through it.

First things first, once I've moisturised it's time to prime. I'm still using my good old faithfuls Barry M Flawless primers. They are really inexpensive and work really well. I've got the Brightening one in purple and the corrector one in green. I try and see what I need on my skin each day but most of the time I use a combination of both.

Next it's my base, I'm continuing with a theme here with the Barry M Flawless foundation. I use Ivory and it's a very white foundation compared with many others that are orange or pink. It goes on really smoothly and doesn't cake or smudge. I apply it with my foundation brush (bottom of the picture) then use my fingers.

Next I have my Collection concealer which as you can see is well used. It has a little brush so you can be really precise with where your concealer goes.

Next I have my powders and for face powder I use the Collection translucent powder. I use my big fluffy brush for this as its so soft. For bronzer I have my contour brush and the Collection bronzer. I use the none sparkly bronzer and I have shiney skin so I don't want any addition shine. I don't truly contour although I do love that look, I tend to apply bronzer on my temples, cheeks and chin and then blend with my fluffy brush.

Lastly it's my eyes and let's start with eye shadow, I have my 2 collection eye shadows in Ice Queen and Rosy Gold. I use the Rosy Gold one in my crease and the white one on my lid, below my eyebrows and in the very corner of my eyes. I use a few tools to apply them I have my fluffy brush on the left for the crease, my eye shadow applicator at the bottom for the lid, then my angled brush for under my brows and my bottom lashes. 

Next I use 2 black eyeliners a pencil one and a pen both from Collection. The pencil I use in the corner of my eye as its thinner and the pen for the rest of my eye. I really like the pen as it doesn't drag or pull.

Then as I wanted something a bit fancy I use the gold glitter, I got this as a Christmas present and I don't believe it's cruelty free, as soon as it runs out I need to replace it with a cruelty free one.

For brows I have my brown pencil first, this is Rimmel so not cruelty free as soon as it runs out I will replace with cruelty free. Secondly my elf eye brow gel in clear, it keeps my eyebrows in place and looking more groomed.

Last but not least is my mascara, it's the elf mascara in black. I curl my eye lashes first then add a few layers of mascara. I really like this mascara as its similer to the False Lash mascara from Mac.

I haven't included my lip products so I might do another post on this. 

What's your favourite products to wear on a night out.

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How I sorted out my sore chapped lips

Hi everyone

Hope you are all very well. I'm a little late with this post or at least I hope i am and that Spring is here. I wanted to talk about how I repaired my sore and chapped lips. Winter has taken its tole on my lips this year and it seemed no matter how much moisturiser I used they got worse. So I decided to up my routine once and for all and these are the products that helped me do it.

Firstly I have my elf lip exfoliator, I wouldn't have gone for an exfoliator previously as I'd always go for something soft not exfoliating but I would have been wrong. I highly recommend this product and I use it now every morning and every evening. It's got a balm in it too and smells lovely, I rub it around in circular motions in my lips paying particular attention to my bottom lip because this is the driest. 

Then I have a combination of 2 lip glosses, the first one is the Lush Passion Fruit lip balm and I use this one in the mornings before work. It's very smooth and silky and also has a tiny shimmer to it which is nice and actually disguises any dry patches.

Next is the Body Shop lip butter and it has cocoa and shea butter in it. This is a much thicker balm and also a bit sticky, it really coats my lips. I find this a little sticky in the day but over night it's perfect. I sometimes put this on before I use the lip exfoliator when my lips are really dry.

Through this routine I am happy to say my lips are much better, they are no longer sore and while they do get dry I keep to my routine and that sorts them out. 

I have to say though that as much as I love these products I am looking forward to summer, bring on the cocktails, BBQs and no more chapped lips.

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

February favourites

Hi everyone

I can't believe we are so far into March already, Im much later than planned with this post but I still wanted to talk about all my favourite products from Febraury. As usual they are mostly beauty items but I have thrown in one none beauty item, although they do say we are what we eat so maybe it's the ultimate beauty item.

So first up I have my vegetation recipe book, I do have lots of my favourite recipes already that I've adapted to replace the meat part but I do like to look through this for inspiration. Since I stopped eating meat I've had to rethink all my go to meals which can actually be fun.

Next I have my new Superdrug hair brush, I brought this in February to try and get more volume in my hair and I really like it. I think I will purchase one with a bigger barrel this month but for now I really like this, it easy to use when blow drying my hair. It's quicker than rollers so perfect for before work, I'm currently trying to master curls.

Next is my B. Make up brush cleaner and I am a big fan of this brand. This cleaner is quick to use, easy to store, doesn't smell chemically and should last me a little while as its quite a big tub. I really like this and it seems to protect my brushes shape.

One of the brushes I'm using it on is my new blusher brush, I've got a lot of newly brought items in my favourites this month. I really like this brush, it is a really firm brush and perfect for contouring and using blush, it gives a really firm line in exactly where I want it with little fall out. Superdrug brushes are also really inexpensive so a perfect choice for starting out.

Moving on I have my next favourite and it has to be a Sanctuary products, these might have to be my all time favourite smelling products, take the top off and it smells like you have walked into a spa. This is the Cleansing Burst Body Wash, I got one for Christmas in a gift pack and I have just repurchased. It's none sticky and a small amount goes a long way.

Broken record alert, ive done a whole post on this and it features in every favourites so I won't go into this so check out my post on this amazing product but I do love love love this product.

My next favourite product is the elf Lip Exfoliator. This has made a massive difference to the condition of my lips and has been an essential over the winter, it's really quick and you can even carry it around in your handbag as its just the size of a lipstick. I have a bad habit of lip biting but this is helping to curb my habit.

Keeping with elf I have the clear brow gel and mascara, I haven't used a gel before on my brows and I actually only use this when I've got my full going out make up on as I feel it makes my brows a little dark for work or casual wear. On a night out though I really like it as it gives a really groomed look and I like the mascara as it makes my lashes longer if I layer under my black mascara.

There has always got to be a Lush product in my favourites and this time it's the R&B hair moisturiser. I have learnt that a tiny bit if this goes a long way, I was quite heavy handed at first and on occasion made my hair appear greasy but now I use a tiny bit rub it between my hands a smooth it over my hair mainly at the very ends.

Next I have the Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui cream, this is amazing. It smells so good like a spa and it lasts so long. I really like a cream that rubs in well and leaves my skin smooth but not greasy and this is it. I would recommend this product particularly if you are fake tanning or have dry skin from the winter, this is a night time cream for me though, maybe a little heavy for before I put on clothes.

My next favourite is the exact opposite of the Body shop moisturiser as its perfect for using before you put on clothes and that is the Superdrug Vitamin E body cream. It's a huge tub and really inexpensive, it rubs in well and doesn't really have a smell so good if you are applying perfume or spray after.

Last but not least is my Collection nail varnish in Sonic Blue, there's not too much to say other than I love this colour and I think it's perfect to transition from winter to spring. Although roll on some summer sun please.

So that's it for my favourites for February, what are your favourites? What would you recommend?

Thanks for reading


Things I've learnt in 2016 so far

Hi everyone 

I didn't really make any resolutions this year and haven't for a few years now mainly because mine are unrealistic and as I am so bad at keeping them but it thought why not reflect on the year anyway, time flies by so fast.

So what have I learnt?

1. Things can change in a heart beat, one minute the world is upside down full of uncertainty and next your back on track and have options galore. Similarly the minute you get settled something going to come pounding along behind you and knock you for 6. 

2. Avocados are amazing, they are full of healthy nutrients including fibre, vitamin K, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin E. They also taste great. I have mine with lemon and either on toast for breakfast or pitta bread for lunch.

3. It's how you deal with a situation that matters not the situation it's self. You will be faced with many positive and many negative situations in life but it's how you act and what you do that matters, you can choose to think positively if you want. I have a very bad habit of choosing to think negatively or thinking the worst and I'm working really hard to change this.

4. A good nights sleep can change your life. A big claim but I'm serious. When I'm tired I feel more negative, I lack energy and enthusiasm and everything seems too much effort. After a good nights sleep I feel like a different person. It can help you solve problems, change your view and feel like you can take on the day.

5. Peoples belief in you will always surprise you, sometimes people will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Let them, take there lead and believe in yourself. Again something that I'm working on.

6. It's surprisingly easy to start using vegan products. I'm not a vegan (yet) but I'm trying. I don't eat meat and ive swapped dairy to alternatives for example the soya butter with my avocado on toast. I've still got a way to go but it's a learning curve and I'm loving every minute.

7. Black tea is really nice. There's not much more to say I like it, it's not for everyone but it is for me.

8. Hot chocolate is very important. This one is a little joke, I am looking for alternative calcium sources now that I don't eat dairy and a soya milk hot chocolate is helping (any excuse).

Thanks for reading, what have you learnt in 2016 so far.


Top 5 snacks that are going to fill you up till lunch

Hi everyone

Like most of you I work full time. I start early, sometime finish late, eat at my desk and don't often get a lunch but what I do get is hungry. 

I have always struggled with trying to find food and snacks that are filling, quick, not mesey and don't need warming up or cooking at a work. I've found myself on many occasions turning to the vending machine which is full of amazingly tasty but bad for me food that fill me up but only for about 10 minutes.

So with that in mind I've been trying to find snacks that fill me up, are enjoyable but are actually good for me and here is what I've found so far.

I actually tend to have this for breakfast every day but if that's does fill me up then a small bowel makes a great snack. My current favourite is the Asda Good and Balanced multigrain nutty granola. As its less sweat than some granola and contains lots of different nuts that go a long way to fill me up

I'm very picky with my fruit as to what I see as a chore and what I see as a treat. Generally I do like fruit  but there are some fruits that I eat purely because it's good for you which to me makes it a chore (yes I am a bit weird). My favourite none chore fruits are strawberries, kwei, grapes and plums. They are really easy to snack on, there's no chopping or peeling and they travel in my bag well.

Alpro Soya puddings
There are times when fruits just isn't going to cut it and chocolate is the only option. When that time comes I turn to these Alpro Soya puddings. They are filling and easy to keep in my draw at work and just right when a craving hits.

Pitta bread
I am a massive fan of pitta bread especially with something like hummus and I actually tend to have this as part of my lunch but if not it is perfect to snack on. You can add anything to Pitta bread it's ver versatile.

So that is my current top 4 take to work snacks. What is your favourite snack for work, school or just the weekend? If you have any recommendations let me know.

Thanks for reading


Cruelty free cleaning products

Hi everyone

Something a little different today, cleaning products. I started taking steps into the world of cruelty free beauty in early 2015 and Ive loved finding new products and new brands. However the more I looked into it the more other products I rearlised were tested on animal. Its not that I didn't know this before but I surpose its been more in my face in the last year.

So with that said I started looking at cleaning products that were cruelty free and I came across this one, it the Astonish kitchen cleaner.

I found this product in a Vegan shop but when I did a little research and for those of you in the UK you can find these products in Asda, Tesco, Wilkos and Pound stretcher,

The website states:

Cleaners with a Conscience!

At Astonish we’re not only people kind (we love making cleaning tasks quicker & easier for you) but animal kind too. We believe that cleaning products don’t need to be tested on animals or contain any animal derived ingredients to deliver astonishing results. A belief we’ve held since we were established over 40 years ago now. We’re proud to be approved by cruelty free international and the Vegetarian society as well as being Vegan society registered.

In terms of the clean it's exactly the same as the other products Ive been using, it smell clean and fresh and removes any stains. The bottle is the same size as last just as long. 

I love that these are so easy to find and can be picked up as part of your weekly shop. I'm going to be doing more research on products so I'll keeping as I try them.

Thanks for reading


The one and only tag


The name of this tape was very intriguing so I thought I would give it a go. I love favourite videos and blogs and this is kind of all of that rolled in to one. There is one question and it involves my whole make up bag so here goes.

If you could only have one ______ what would it be? And, in a few words, why?

Primer - Barry M corrector primer (the green one). I've pictured both my primers though as I do tend to use them both together. It is so smooth and gentle on the skin, it feels amazing when I rub it in and it does keep my make up on for longer and keep the oil at bay.

Face Liquid Product- Barry M Flawless matte finish foundation. It's a very white foundation rather than an orange or pink tone which is perfect for me. It last all day and does again keep the oil under control, like the primer it is also very inexpensive.

Eye Base product- Superdrug BB eye cream, it's pats in really well. It's a perfect base for eye shadow and it is anti ageing.

Concealer - Barry M flawless Matte concealer, it doesn't drag under the eye and again a white tone concealer rather than organe or pink.

Powder -
my Collection pressed powder, it disappears into your skin and keep it matte all day, it's also great for carrying around throughout the day and reapplying.

Bronzer - my Collection Bronze Glow, I use the none sparkly version as I have oily skin so the sparkly version can make my skins look more shiney.

Blush - Barry M (pictured above) but I don't know what it is called as it is well and truely overused so let's say my new MUA blush in Lolly.

Highlighter - I don't have a specific highlighter but I have been using the Collection eyeshadow in Ice Queen. It's really pigmented and to apply it as highlighter I basically put it in and blend it off and it leave just a shimmer.

Eyeshadow - Collection eyeshadow in Rosy Gold. It's a browned, bronzey gold and really pretty. I think it could be a summer or winter colour depending on what you wear it with. It's 100% my favourite.

Eyeliner - Collection Kohl Eyeliner, this is very black (doh) but I mean really black and being Kohl it doesn't drag my eyes and goes on really gentle. It also doesn't smudge or run which is really important to me.

Makeup brush (single) - this is my smokey eye shadow brush, it has a flat end for eyeliner or under eye mascara and the other end had a brush for applying shadow but it allows you to be really defined.

Eyebrow product - I'm still on the look out so I can't answer this one yet, at the moment have a brown pencil.

Mascara - ELF Mineral Infused Mascara, it has a curved brush so makes your lashes look really long but it doesn't clump. I love it.

Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Lip stain - Marks and spencer lip gloss, this came as part of a set for Christmas. It's really mosturising and not sticky like some glosses.

Lip balm -  Lush Passionfruit, smells edible - amazing!

Nail Polish- Collection 7 day wear nail polish in the colour Ice. It's really bright and again could be worn summer or winter. I have said this colour but in all honesty any Collection Nail polish could be the answer here.

I tag all of you to do this tag.

Thank you for reading.