Saturday, 20 February 2016

My new face masks and how I am using them

Hi everyone

It has proberley become clear from the numerous blog posts I do that I love face masks. I love the feeling of relaxation that come from using masks and I love the fresh feeling of cleaner, clearer skin. I spend most pay days reading packet after packet looking at the benefits and the ingredients. I love trying new mask and these are the ones I've brought this time round.

The first one I have is the Superdrug Apricot Exfoliating Self Heating Mask. This one really appeals to me because of the self heating element, I will be using this mask on my nose and around my forehead where my pores are the largest. This mask should open up my pores and draw out any dirt and grime ready to be exfoliated away when I wash off the mask.

Next I have one that I have used before and loved, it works really well on my nose so I couldn't resist a repurchase. This is the Superdrug Superfruits Exfoliating Mask, it is quite rough exfoliation as far as for the face goes but this is what I need on my nose. I am really careful about where I put this mask as it is a little rough for my cheeks but great if you want that really fresh squeaky clean feeling.

My third purchase is the Superdrug Cucumber Clay Mask and this one is a really good all over the face mask for oily skin and blemishes. I am a massive fan of multi masking but if you can't purchase numerous mask every month then this is the one I would recommend. It is designed for sensitive skin which my skin is and while it doesn't specify it's for blemishes and oily skin I do feel it's great for soothing and removing impurities. If I am multi masking then this one goes on my chin which is where I'm most prone to breakouts.

My next 2 mask are a little different as they are facial sheet masks and I've got the Superdrug Hydrating one and the Superdrug Purifying one. It's been a few years since I used a sheet mask and I've always opted for cream mask, I've never felt that sheet mask give me that deep down clear pore fresh feel that I do with a clay mask. However my skin the driest it's been for a little while due to the horrible cold and windy weather we have been having in England so I thought why not give them another go.

When I use these mask I'll do a little bit of a review for those of you who have never used a sheet mask before or prefers the cream ones so look out for that.

Anyway I'm off to mask so hope you enjoyed reading.