Saturday, 20 February 2016

The top 10 blogs I loved in March

Hi everyone

I have been even more addicted to blogs and I've got so many favourites that I read so I thought I would share them with you. I started out looking at beauty blogs but now I love lifestyle posts and I'm slightly addicted to blogging tips and tricks. So what did I read in March? Here they are.

1. A a girl, Obsessed - this blog was just perfect right from the name, it cheers me up and I love the pictures and posts.

2. A little bit of Laura - this blog is a really good mix of lifestyle and beauty. I love that. My first love is beauty but I have developed a massive passion for lifestyle.

3. A little dose of make up - When it comes to blogs my favourite thing is the pictures. This blog has such lovely pictures, it brightens my day.

4. A thought and a half - I love the lifestyle tips in this blog, it makes me think about my life and gives me inspiration.

5. Blogging through the mirror - I've talked about this blog before as it is full of blogging tips, beauty and lifestyle. It has everything.

6. London beauty queen - what I love about this blog is that it features lots of different brands and products, if you are interested in a brand I would check out this blog as it may well be featured.

7. My life Charlotte - another great blog full of blogging tip and hints. I really like the name as well.

8. Aly in Wanderland - actually another great blog name. This one is all about fashion and while beauty is my passion I am really started to get interested in fashion blogs. It may be dangerous for my purse.

Why don't you go and check them out for yourselves.

Thanks for reading