Sunday, 24 April 2016

My new Barry M cruelty free brow kit

Hi everyone

Brows are such a major part of make up routines now that I thought I had better jump on the band wagon and start paying mine a little bit more attention.

I currently use a eyebrow pencil from Rimmel which is not only a brand that isn't cruelty free but the pencil itself is very over used. So it was time to upgrade, I was originally going to go for the elf kit (as you will have seen if you read my Wishlist) but I was shopping and saw this one. It is the Barry M Shape and Define Light to Medium Brow kit.

Firstly can we just comment on how cute it is. It's a mini pallet and even comes with a mini tweezers and mini brush its got its own mirror so actually perfect for carrying around.

Inside the kit you have 3 squares of product, firstly the light brow square on the left is a wax and this is the first thing you use to shape you brows in the shape you want and ensure your hairs are all going one way. 

Secondly you use the darkest colour in the middle to add in colour to any patches you have and generally darken and define your brows. Although this is the light to medium kit it still quite dark so I would rate commend starting slow and working your way up. The cute little brush is really good for this.

As you can see in the above photo it does actually come with instruction in the back. It's advising to use the lightest colour to highlight your brow, I normally use a concealor but I might change my mind.

I am really impressed with this kit, it was so inexpensive at £3 and a really good start if you have never used this product before.

Thanks for reading


My new cruelty free pallet - Naked 3 dupe

Hi everyone

I've never been one to buy pallets much but every You Tube video I watch uses pallets and I really like them so I had been thinking about making a purchase when I stumbled on this one. I recently watched a video that Sally Jo on YouTube did and it was a Kendell Jenner inspired look with a smokey eye using an Olive colour and when I saw the olive colour in this pallet I knew I wanted it. Apparently this is also a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3.

There was 4 different palettes in Superdrug for the Revolution range and as well as the olive colour the others thing that appealed to me was the fact that most of the colours were shimmery not matte. They are actually more shimmery than they look in the picture.

I feel eye shadow is sort of special in make up. My foundation, concealor, blusher and primer I use because I feel I have to for coverage of blemishes, fine lines etc and mascaras are to open up my eyes. Eyeshadow however I use because I want to, there are endless choices and it's to me the most artistic and most expressive piece of make up. 

It really adds to a make up look and can dress up day to night make up. My favourites in this palette are the olive of course then the gold and brown. This palette cost only £4 so it's really good value for money and the colours do seem quite pigmented at first swatch. I think I may be heading back to Superdrug for the other sets.

Let me know if you have tried any of the Revolution palettes and what you thought of them?

Thanks for reading


Empties - cruelty free skin care and body care

Hi everyone

So hopefully you have seen my empties for my hair care products, I have so many empties I split them in 2. So here is the second instalment and it's my face and body care products.

Firstly let's talk body care. Bayliss and Harding is a brand that keeps popping up in my collection and I really like it. They tend to do really nice packaging and gift packs. This is one of the last pieces from one of my Christmas gift packs and it's the body moisturiser, it runs in well, smells nice but not over powdering and it's a big pack so you can't go wrong.

Next I have a Pattisserie de Bain body lotion in the scent cranberries and cream this was part of a free gift that I got in Superdrug. I looked this brand up online and they look like some of there products are vegan but not all so I would do a bit more research before purchasing this brand again but it is a lovely product.

Next I have one of my old favourites it's the Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry shower gel. It's smells so lovely and at 95p in Superdrug you cannot go wrong.

Next we go a little more high end with Sanctuary products and it's the Cleansing Burst Body wash. It's such a lovely fragrance and it feels so luxurious on your skin. It's quite an expensive product to purchase each month but as a treat it's lovely.

We have to go back to Lush of course and this is also left over from Christmas. The packaging has fallen apart but it was the Santas belly jelly wash. I love these, I didn't think that they would be my kind of product at first but I was wrong they last so long like a bar of soap would but they don't dry out your skin. I would highly recommend this product and I will be repurchasing.

Last on my skincare list is the Superdrug Vitamin E all over body cream, I love just diving into a big tub of moisturiser after my bath or shower and this is perfect. It's also really inexpensive. 

Moving on to my face care empties, leftover right again I have the B. Nourished Night Serum. I have nothing bad to say about this product but I'm not sure that I have amazing things to say either. It's very smooth on my skin and rubs in so nicely but I just don't feel that it has added much to my routine that my moisturiser doesn't already do. I have stopped using it now for about a week and I haven't noticed a difference so I will be using B. products again but I think I may choose a different serum next time.

The next 2 products I have used and talked about so much. It's the Simply Pure foaming face wash and also the face moisturiser. I have been purchasing these for well over a year and will continue to do so. I am on the market for something richer for a night cream though. 

Next is the Simply Pure Gentle face wash and it is a gel. I brought this because they were out of the foaming version but I wouldnt repurchase, I used it so quickly as I felt I needed more product to clean my face.

Last but not least for my empties is the Superdrug Vitamin E eye cream, this is such a great product. It's creamy, rubs in well, cools the eye area and lasts so long. This small tub lasted aprox 2 months.

So there we go my last empty, hope you enjoyed my 2 blog posts. I'm sure I will have plenty more empties next month.

Thanks for reading


Empties - cruelty free haircare

Hi everyone

For some reason I have so many empties all at once this month so I've split them into 2, this one is the haircare one and next I will have a skincare/body care one.

So here are all my hairs are empties, which unfortunately means I need to spend a fortune replacing them (but also means I get to go shopping).

Let's start with hair styling. From the left I have the Superdrug Style Expertise straightening cream. I am a big fan of this, it's very creamy but non greasy. I feel it spreads through my hair well and doesn't leave any residue on my hair brush. I use this before drying my hair and I really feel this has made a difference in the condition of my hair.

Next I have made shampoo and conditioner, this is slightly different to my normal one as I normally use both in the coconut scent but this time they were all out so I go the Macadamia nut shampoo and the coconut conditioner. I've blogged about the, before so let's just say I love them.

Back to styling and I have the Superdrug Style Expertise Heat Protector. This is an amazing product, none greasy even on dry hair, soaks in well and doesn't smell chemically or too strong. I feel safer straightening my hair and is so quick to use before work.

One I've used less but still love is the Superdrug Style Expertise Root Boost. I have an endless quest for volume and I do think this holds the volume in my roots when I blow dry, like other products it doesn't leave any greasy residue or soaks in really well.

Last but not least, it's the Lee Stafford Dehumifier. I'm always a bit fan of this product it smells so lovely and I think it works. I've repurchased over and over again and proberley will continue to do so.

Moving on to hair care and I've got to start off with my holy grill product the Superdrug Hair Therapy Oli with Argon. I've blogged and blogged about this and it never lets me down. I feel better each time I use it and it repairs damaged hair amazingly.

Next I have my good old faithful Coconut Oil. I mix this in with my hair oil to make it even better. I also use this as an eye make up remover but as its mainly for my hair I've included it in these empties.

Last but not least it's the Lush R&B hair moisturiser. It's such a lovely smelling product, I have to be soooooo careful with it as it is a fine line between enough and too much product and this leaves my hair with product build up. I love Lush and most likely I will be repurchasing this again just like every Lush product I've tried.

Thank you for reading and look out for the skin care and body care empties.


Make up Monday's - My new concealer

Hi everyone

I've been looking for a good concealor for a little while. In the past I have always used concealor to cover blemishes but recently I've been looking for a really good under eye concealor. I feel there is a different criteria for an under eye concealor, I'm looking for brightening and reflective so I look for a whiter consistancy whereas to cover blemishes I am looking for one that matches my skin tone better.

On my hunt I found this one and it's the Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealor. It comes with a brush end and you twist the other end to get the product out. It's a really creamy texture and pats well into the skin with my beauty blender. It looks slightly darker when it comes out than it looks when it is on the skin but it conceals really well. It also lasts really well even in the hot weather we are having at the moment and a full day at work. I would highly recommend this product.

Thanks for reading


Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Disney princess tag

Hi everyone

It's Sunday morning and it's a bank holiday which makes me very happy. So it seemed the perfect time for a Tag so here goes. I tag all of you to do this as well, it's the ultimate light relief.

It's got to be Cinderella, I feel like she really deserves to be a princess in the end.

I would like it to be sleeping beauty as I love sleep and I love animals.

Flounder in The little mermaid 

The seven dewarfs 

Prince Eric

The 3 fairy god mothers in sleeping beauty


Does the cottage in Sleeping Beauty count?

Cinderellas dress for the ball

Sleeping beauty, to sing to the animals

Aurora and Belle

There princess, they would all get on.

Gus and Jaq (Cinderella) and Flounder (Little Mermaid) they are all very sweet.

Prince Charming and Prince Eric

I don't think I've cried at any of the Princess movies

Cinderella when the slipper fits

Little Mermaid

I can't think of any?!?

Beauty and The Beast

Sleeping Beauty

Thanks for reading I'm off to put on my glass slippers, talk to the animals and finger out what forks are used for?!?!


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I heart Spring tag


I've found a great tag as I really love Spring, it's my birthday season (yes you can have one of those) and I just love it so much. So here goes...

1.) Favourite spring nail polish?
Anything glittery, I love putting a bright colour on and then adding glitter 

2.) What is your must-have lip colour this spring? 
For me it's a new one I've recently discovered from MUA. I just love the name of the lip liner, Caramel Nougat.

3.) What is your favourite spring dress? 
I've not purchased many new summer dresses this year as I had so many form last year but when I do go shopping this is on my hit list from new look.

4.) What's your favourite flower?
I would say daffodils, they are literally spring in a flower. It feels like the start of something new and exciting.

5.) Favourite spring scarf or accessory? 
I took a visit to London for my birthday last year and I got a pretty pink scarf, I got one in black as well but the pink one is very pretty

6.) What spring trends are you most excited about this year? 
I really like the small pleated skirts I think they are so feminine and summery. I'm on the look out for the right one and I have spotted this lovely on in glamour magazine. It's such a pretty colour.

In terms of make up trends, elf are doing bright eyes and bold brows and I really like this. I'm going on holiday in a few weeks so I'm hoping to experiment with my make up. Here's the website if you want to look for yourself.

7.) Favourite spring candle? 
It's always Vanilla for me, all year round it's such a beautiful smell.

8.) Favourite body spray or perfume for spring? 
I'm a big fan of Stella Mcartney as all of her purfume a are cruelty free and this is the one I gave my eye on currently.

9.) What is spring like where you live? 
It's a weird one today it's sunny and lovely but I expect should I walk out of the front door then it will be a little chilly. I'm not complaining though it's better than the drissely rain I had last week.

10.) What's your favourite thing about spring? 
It's a fresh start, baby animals, flowers, the feeling in the air that something is good is going to happen.

11.) Are you a spring cleaner? 
With my make up and hair stuff yes, for everything else not really. 

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming holiday? 
I am going to Cape Verde in one and half weeks. I'm so excited :) watch of for some of my holiday posts.

Thanks for reading


Saturday, 9 April 2016

My cruelty free shower gels

Hi everyone

I love Original Source products, they come in so many different scents and textures including washes and scrubs but best of all they are cruelty free Vegan products. I normally go for the Vanilla and Strawberry or the peachy scents but I decided to try something different this time so here are my new shower gels. I have the Strawberry and Pink Peppercorns and the Cherry and Nettle.

So I am presently surprised by both of these, they have a much richer smell and I want to say more earthy than my normal ones such as the strawberry and vanilla which is almost sickly sweet (I do love it though). I thought I would be put off by the peppercorn in the Strawberry one and the Nettle in the cherry but I didn't even know they were there.

I feel that the smell lasted really well on the skin and smelled really lovely. One thing I would say is that be careful to wash it off really well as I wore a white top once and it had a very slight purple tinge on the shoulder (whoops). I think this is because these 2 are a thicker texture than the other Original Source shower gels which I really like as it means you use less. Often with Original Source I find they slide off my hands in the shower and I use too much.

All in all I was really surprised at how much I liked these shower gel scents and I will most certainly berepurchasing  these again. They are also very in expensive at 95p from Superdrug.

Thanks for reading


5 things under £5 - cruelty free

Hi everyone

So I'm always on the look out for a bargain, a little treat that isn't going to break the bank. So here are my 5 things for under £5 and best of all they are all cruelty free.

1. Lush Tea Tree Toner Tab
I love this little circle of goodness. It's basically a chalky disc of tea tree and it has so many uses. My favourite way is as a spray, I put it in a cup of warm water and let it dissolve and the pour it in to a clean spray bottle and then spray it on to my face after cleansing. I don't use a toner where you need to wipe if off as I feel that this spreads bacteria as I'm prone to breakouts so this toner tab is perfect for me.

2. MUA lip liner
At £1 you cannot go wrong, I am a little clumsy with pencils and carrying a lip liner around is an accident waiting to happen for me but for for £1 I don't need to worry.

3. MUA Lip stick
I've been trying to improve my lip collection for a little while but as I'm more of a gloss than a stick person, I don't want to spend a fortune straight off so this is perfect for me, yet again another £1 bargain. It's a perfect match to the lip liner above and lasts really well. It's very creamy and glossy which is good for me as I can often have dry lips. I would reccomend MUA generally but especially you are on a budget.

4. B. Miscaller water face wipes
I will be doing a review on these soon as I'm not normally one to recommend face wipes but I will make an exception for these. They are very moist and don't drag you skin. They are also on offer at £1 in Superdrug right now so get in there quick.

5. MUA White eyeline pencil
Can you see a theme here? MUA is becoming a staple in my make up bag. I've not worn a white eye pencil for a while and I don't know why because they brighten and widen your eyes. The amazing this about this pencil and also the lip liner above is that they come with there own pencil sharpener. Amazing! 

Have you spotted any bargains or treated your self recently? I'd love to hear.

Thanks for reading.


My multi masking routine updated - cruelty free

Hi everyone

You will proberley know by now that I love to mask and I'm constantly on the look out for new types of masks. I have 3 new masks today that I'm looking forward to telling you about. I use my masks about twice a week, normally after my shower as I feel that this is best for really deep clean. I use each mask for a different reason which I why I don't feel guilty about getting 3. So let me show you my mask and how I use them.

Firstly it's the De stressing mud mask. This is so good for days when I have really oily skin, particularly around my nose and chin. It really draws out any impurities so I would highly recommend this for blemish prone skin. It is a little bit drying so I would avoid using on any areas of the skins that are dryer.

Next I have the Superdrug Super Fruits Clay mask. This is creamier than the clay mask but still really good for oily skin and breakouts. I would use this all over my face as it is not too drying. It smells lovely as well for a mask it's fruity and fresh.

Last but not least the prettiest one, it's the Yogurt Smoothie mask. It's more for what would be classed as 'normal skin' a really bad description I think as what is normal but to me this would be skin that is not too oily or too dry. I use this on days when I don't have breakouts.

What is your multi mask routine? Do you have an recommendations, I would love to hear.

Thanks for reading.


Review of the B. Micellar water cleansing wipes - cruelty free

Hi everyone

So if you have read my blog before you will know that generally I am not a big fan of face wipes, I find them a little dry and they drag accross my skin a little. However I am going on holiday soon and there is nothing better when by the pool than face wipes to make you feel refreshed and less sticky so I thought I was time to find some good ones.

I have been buying more and more B. Products recently and I've been really happy with them so when I went to Superdrug I picked up the B. Miscaller water cleansing wipes.

I am actually very impressed they are much wetter (for want of a better description) than a lot of wipes I've tried which meant they didn't drag accross my face. They took my make up off very quickly and it only took 1 wipe including my mascara. They also smell very fresh and not chemically. Is is also quite a large pack so should last me a little while.

All in all I am very impressed and I will be repurchasing them, if you are looking for some good face wipes then I would recommend these.

Thanks for reading.