Friday, 5 February 2016


Hi everyone

Its that time again to look at what I've been using up over the last few weeks, I really like to look back and think about what I'm going to replace and what I'm going to swap up. So here are the things I've been using over the last month or so and what I think of them.

Starting from the left I have the Lush Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream. I really love this product and it smells amazing, it lasted me about a month and half and is really creamy. It says it brightens your mood as it contains citrus oil and cocoa and maybe it's all in the mind but the bright yellow colour does remind me of holidays and good times. There are so many shower gels and creams at Lush that I want to try so I may not repurchase this straight away but I will repurchase again.

Then I have the Hair Therapy Oil with Argon Oil. I have talked so much about this product as it featured in my January favourites and also I did a whole post so I won't go into this again. Safe to say I will be repurchasing again and again and again.

Next is the Coconut and Sweat Armond shampoo and again I really like this product. I've tried a few shampoos from this range and so far this is my favourite. I also really like the conditioner as its much more moisturising than other Superdrug ones, it smells amazing. My only criticism would be that its doesn't last as long as I would like because it's a bit of a jelly like texture.

Original Source is a brand I've used for a while and this is the Original Source Daily Scrub Tea Tree, it is the first time I've used this one. I'm not 100% sure on this, I would buy Original Source again but I would proberley go back to the sweater smelling fragrances and also the nine scrub version as I don't feel like I need to scrub every day. I prefer the strawberry and raspberry ones. 

Next it's the Nourish and Cocoa Shea Butter Moisturiser from Superdrug. You can't go wrong with body butters they are so good for the skin and this one smells amazing. I tend to buy a vitamin E moisturising lotion from Superdrug as that is a huge tub this tub is a little small for me but I think this body butter would be perfect for holidays and travelling. 

Next is another body moisturiser this time is the Cherry and Macadamia Body Butter. This one is much more fragrant than the Cocoa butter and you have to be careful if you apply this before perfumebas it make over power your perfume but it does smell amazing on its own. Again I get through so much moisturiser that I need a huge tub but this would be perfect for a beach holiday or for travelling.

Last but mostly certainly not least is the H'Suan Wen Hua hair treatment from Lush. This is a hair mask and it works wonders, I really love this. It makes my hair soft and shiney and much more manageable. This is my favourite empty of the bunch, I just really wish it wasn't empty and I would 100% recommend this product.

Let me know what you have been using this year, do you have any recommendations for me.

Thanks for reading