Sunday, 21 February 2016

What I'm watching on Sky Go

Hi everyone

I've done a what I'm watching on Netflicks so it seemed only right that I did a what I'm watching on SkyGo. We've had the SkyGo package for a little while now and it's a bit hit and miss when it come to what is on there. My favourite bit of our package is the Box sets so I snuggle up with my doggie and stick on a Box set. (Obligatory snuggled up dog photo)

So here's what I am watching on SkyGo.

1. Girls - I think this is hilarious, its just the perfect thing to brighten up any rainy day. If you are stressed out then just put this on and it cannot fail to make you laugh. It's written by Lena Dunham and it's basically 4 girls living there lives including boys, parties and often bad jobs.

2. Criminal Minds - on a much more serious note but I do still love this. It's a team of detectives who profile criminals, think CSI but more profiling rather than technical. It's a bit scary in places so I wouldn't reccomend watching this on your own.

3. Z Nation- if you have seen the walking dead then this is very similer but better in my opinion. It's much more fast paced and possibly even more gory. I think this is also on the Canadian Netflicks if you have that.

4. Whitechapel- another crime drama but with a bit of a twist. It is set in modern day but it is crimes that replicates the Jack the Ripper murders. I went on a trip to London last year and we went to the Lomdon Dungeons and loved it so this programme reminds me of that. 

5.  Geordie shore- I've been watching this for years and I think it's so funny. The cast just get themselves into hilerious situations it just makes me laugh. 

What are you watching on SkyGo or Netflicks? Any recommendations?

Thanks for reading