Sunday, 21 February 2016

Top 5 snacks that are going to fill you up till lunch

Hi everyone

Like most of you I work full time. I start early, sometime finish late, eat at my desk and don't often get a lunch but what I do get is hungry. 

I have always struggled with trying to find food and snacks that are filling, quick, not mesey and don't need warming up or cooking at a work. I've found myself on many occasions turning to the vending machine which is full of amazingly tasty but bad for me food that fill me up but only for about 10 minutes.

So with that in mind I've been trying to find snacks that fill me up, are enjoyable but are actually good for me and here is what I've found so far.

I actually tend to have this for breakfast every day but if that's does fill me up then a small bowel makes a great snack. My current favourite is the Asda Good and Balanced multigrain nutty granola. As its less sweat than some granola and contains lots of different nuts that go a long way to fill me up

I'm very picky with my fruit as to what I see as a chore and what I see as a treat. Generally I do like fruit  but there are some fruits that I eat purely because it's good for you which to me makes it a chore (yes I am a bit weird). My favourite none chore fruits are strawberries, kwei, grapes and plums. They are really easy to snack on, there's no chopping or peeling and they travel in my bag well.

Alpro Soya puddings
There are times when fruits just isn't going to cut it and chocolate is the only option. When that time comes I turn to these Alpro Soya puddings. They are filling and easy to keep in my draw at work and just right when a craving hits.

Pitta bread
I am a massive fan of pitta bread especially with something like hummus and I actually tend to have this as part of my lunch but if not it is perfect to snack on. You can add anything to Pitta bread it's ver versatile.

So that is my current top 4 take to work snacks. What is your favourite snack for work, school or just the weekend? If you have any recommendations let me know.

Thanks for reading