Saturday, 27 February 2016

How I sorted out my sore chapped lips

Hi everyone

Hope you are all very well. I'm a little late with this post or at least I hope i am and that Spring is here. I wanted to talk about how I repaired my sore and chapped lips. Winter has taken its tole on my lips this year and it seemed no matter how much moisturiser I used they got worse. So I decided to up my routine once and for all and these are the products that helped me do it.

Firstly I have my elf lip exfoliator, I wouldn't have gone for an exfoliator previously as I'd always go for something soft not exfoliating but I would have been wrong. I highly recommend this product and I use it now every morning and every evening. It's got a balm in it too and smells lovely, I rub it around in circular motions in my lips paying particular attention to my bottom lip because this is the driest. 

Then I have a combination of 2 lip glosses, the first one is the Lush Passion Fruit lip balm and I use this one in the mornings before work. It's very smooth and silky and also has a tiny shimmer to it which is nice and actually disguises any dry patches.

Next is the Body Shop lip butter and it has cocoa and shea butter in it. This is a much thicker balm and also a bit sticky, it really coats my lips. I find this a little sticky in the day but over night it's perfect. I sometimes put this on before I use the lip exfoliator when my lips are really dry.

Through this routine I am happy to say my lips are much better, they are no longer sore and while they do get dry I keep to my routine and that sorts them out. 

I have to say though that as much as I love these products I am looking forward to summer, bring on the cocktails, BBQs and no more chapped lips.

Thanks for reading.