Sunday, 8 May 2016

Soothing Sunday's

Hi everyone

I would like to welcome you to my first addition of Soothing Sunday's. 

I love Sunday mornings waking up and knowing I don't have to dive out of bed but that I can snuggle with my doggie and leisurely browsing my social media. 

It's the best feeling but come about 2pm I start to feel slightly tense like I am some how running out of time so I've started to think about what I can do to keep that Sunday feeling going a bit longer.

So what am I doing today???  I'm reading a book. 

I love to read but I never do it. I just always feel like I never have the time. When I sit on the sofa I am normally eating my dinner, thinking of a blog post, reading someone else's blog or checking social media and deciding what to watch that evening. I am never doing just one thing. 

Whereas when you read a book all you do is read that book, you get lost in the world you are reading about and your outside world stops for a bit. This is exactly what I am looking for on my Soothing Sunday. 

I decided to go back to a book I was reading at Christmas called The Miniaturist.

I got this as a gift at Christmas and I read about 3 pages and put it down not because it wasn't good (it is) but because I was so busy doing the 4 things I mentioned earlier.

As a very short brief it is about a newly married young women who gets a gift of a doll house that is identical to her husbands house complete with minature version of the furniture, artefacts and people. It's all very nice until the miniatures seem to predict the future. I would highly recommend this book if you like suspense and mystery. 

So today I pulled up my garden chair, drank a nice beverage and dived into the world of The Miniaturist. 

Let me know what you are doing with your Sunday.

Thanks for reading