Sunday, 28 February 2016

My new nail varnishes

Hi everyone

My official favourite beauty product is nail varnishes, they are such an easy way to brighten up a day and make you look and feel more dressed up and ready for the day. So I have of course been buying new ones recently.

I feel we are in a really weird nail varnish season (did you know it had a season?!?! what I mean is that it isn't summer or even Spring, it snowed this morning, but I feel like I'm ready to get rid of the winter colours. So I've kind of done bright colours that would look great in summer but they are still cold colours for winter.

Firstly there is the B. Complete nail varnish. It is slightly lighter than it looks in the picture. I really like the B. nail varnishes as they go on really well with only a couple of coats, it is really shiny and it last really well.

Next I have a Collection nail varnish in the colour Sonic Blue. It is really bright and while blue is a cold colour this would look amazing on a beach holding a cocktail. I really like Collection nail varnishes they do last really well and go on nice and shiney which I like, my only criticism if there was one of that they tend to dry up really quickly.

The next colour is proberley my favourite of the three and it is a Collection nail vanish in the colour Ice. I had to put a few more costs on this one than the Sonic blue but once done it looks great.

I love nail varnishes, what are your favourite brands and colours? What's your go to nail shape?

Thanks for reading