Sunday, 31 January 2016

I just fell in love with an eyeshadow

Hi everyone

I spoke a while ago I think in my Beauty Love Tag about needing to add to my make up collection now that I have gone cruelty free. I don't very often wear a lot of make up particularly around my eyes because as I mention in other posts I have very sensitive eyes but I may have just change that.

I stumbled across these while in my local supermarket. They are both Collection, the white one is Ice Queen and it is amazing as both an eye shadow and a highlighter. It goes on like a pearly white shimmer and I used this on the centre of my eyelids, just below my brow, in the inner corner of my eyes and a small amount in my cupids bow. I put a few coats on my eye lids like a eye shadow and then everywhere else I put it on and blended throughly almost to get rid of the colour and leave the shimmer.

The gold/brown colour is Rosy Gold and again it can be used as an eye shadow and a shimmer. I used it in my crease on top of another eye shadow and also on the top of my cheeks as a highlighter.

Both of these are really pretty colours and they add a glow without looking like I'm covered in glitter if you know what I mean. There was little to no fall out when I was applying them and they stayed in place all night. I was really impressed. I also think they are all year round colours as currently I add them on to browns and in summer they can go on top of corals and pinks.

Finally I also brought the black Kohl eyeliner pencil and I really like this, it is really black and because it new and really sharp I managed to do a really thin line like it almost isn't an eyeliner. It stayed on all night and there wasn't any smudging or running.

Thanks for reading