Sunday, 3 January 2016

What's in my 'going to work' make up bag

Hi everyone 

Hope you are all doing well and that January is not treating you too badly.

Today I going to do a 'what's in my make up bag' (it's actually a box but oh well). I see these all over You Tube and in blogs so I thought why not jump on the band wagon. This is quite a simple one as it is literally what I wear to work each day. I feel make up goes in layers so I have my going to work make up which is the most basic, then the weekend everyday make up, my going out make up then finally my going 'out out' make up. For now though here goes with my everyday going to work make up box.

Firstly I keep my make up in a gift box as I think it's really pretty and also means everything is amazingly easy to find.

Im going to talk about my make up in the order they are applied (sort of). Firstly it's my Barry M primers and foundation and I've talked about these in my 'prime time' post and in my last 'empties' post so I won't go into any more detail on these.

One I've applied my primer and foundation it's my face powders. I have quite an oily t zone so I'm quite precious about face powder and it would be my one desert island make up essential. I use the Collection Pressed powder. I don't rate the smell of this powder as it's quite strong but I does keep my skin matte throughout the day. 

Next is my Collection Bronzer. I am prone to breakouts on my chin so I always go for matte bronzers as anything with shimmer just highlights breakouts or skin with an uneven texture.

For my blusher it is back to Barry M and the oldest blusher ever, I don't even know the colour. I proberley need a slap on the wrist for this one as it is most likely past its best but I like the colour. Its a very bright pink not too red or orange so I am most certainly on the hunt for a new blusher.

I also have here my Barry M concealer which isn't very old but clearly well used as the label has come off. This is a great concealer and matchs my skin perfectly. With any concealer with a brush applicator I always brush it on to my finger rather than straight to the pimple to try and stop any bacteria getting on to the brush.

The final items in my make up box are mainly tools. From left to right I have a handy safety pin, hair grips, my eye lash curlers, tweezers, a eye shadow applicator then skipping over the eyebrow pencil and mascara, a pencil sharpener and a hair band, all essential items. 

Going back to the eyebrow pencil and this is a Rimmel brand which is not cruelty free. I said in the 'about me' section that I am largely cruelty free with only the odd long standing none cruelty free item and this is one of them. I like the colour on this one so I've not yet swapped so any recommendation for a cruelty free brand will be welcomed. 

My mascara is a Collection Lengthining Mascara, its black and water proof. I always go waterproof as if you have read my post for contact lenses wearers you will know I have sensitive eyes and therefore they often water so waterproof is essential to me to keep my make up on.

This is a slightly longer post than I normally do but I hope you enjoy. I will at some point do a post similar to this but with my going out make up.

Thanks for reading.