Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Contact lenses wearers this ones for you - tips for sensitive eyes

Hi everyone

I have been a contact lense wearer for about 15 years now and while I've always had sensitive eyes they are much more sensitive when wearing my contact lenses which affects how well my make up stays on.

So here are my tips for keeping the sensitivity at bay before applying your make up:

1. Wash your contact lenses at night - I have over the years been very guilty of not bothering with this step and just rinsing them before I put them in for the day. This means any make up or dirt left on your lenses will sit there all night irritating your eyes in the morning.

2. Wash your face before putting your contact lenses in - when you wake up in the morning your face will have collected grease and dirt overnight and your don't want that to be transferring this to your lenses. Also I find washing my face wakes me up making it easier to put in my lenses.

3. Be careful what moisturiser you choose - I find heavily scented moisturisers, either face or eyes, make my eyes water causing sensitivity. I also keep any rich creamy moisturiser for night as these tend to sit around my eyes longer and need the time to soak in which isn't good when your rushing to apply mascara before work. My current moisturiser is the Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream from Superdrug and I do love this moisturiser but it does tend to leave a slightly creamy residue so I a currently on the hunt for a new day time moisturiser.

4. Prime your eyes - I used to use a none cruelty free eye primer but as of yet I haven't replaced this with a none cruelty free brand so I have been using my face primers. The 2 I use are the Barry M Flawless Brightening and Colour Corrector Primer. Generally they do the job, they are not quite as heavy duty as eye specific primers but they do keep the oil at bay.

Hopefully these tips will mean you can apply your make up without worrying about sensitive eyes. I'll follow this post up soon with what to do to keep your eye make up on longer without causing any soreness.

Thanks for reading, hope it was helpful.