Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My multi masking routine

Hi everyone

Its time to multitask again. I can't believe for all those years I only used one mask at a time even though  the skin on my face is certainly not acting the same at any one time. The mask I've got today are the Detoxifying Dead Sea Mask, the Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask and the Superfruits Exfoliating Mask.

The first one I put on is the Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask and this one I'm going to use on my forehead, cheeks and between my eyes (sort of the top and of my nose). I don't really get any blemishes here so I just want to smooth the skins and brighten it.

Next is the Super Fruits Exfoliating Mask and this is going on my nose. I have the most open pores on my nose and this mask is to refine pores and purify. This is a mask and an exfoliator as well.

Last but not least is the Detoxifying Dead Sea Mask and this is going on my chin. I get the most break outs on my chin and I've used this mask before and it really helps clear a break out.

This is my multi masking routine, what's yours I'd love to know.

Thanks for reading.