Sunday, 31 January 2016

My favourite teas

Hi everyone

I am a massive fan of tea, English breakfast, fruit teas, all tea. So I thought I would talk today about a few of my favourites. I have to mention my favourite cup firstly with my beautiful doggy Mollie on. This was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago.

First up is my good old English breakfast, I drink this black now as I try not to drink cows milk. I love a good cup of tea, I do think it's the only way to start the day for me.

Next up is Earl Gray, this is relatively new addition. I started to drink black tea when I stopped drinking cows milks so Earl Grey seemed a obvious choice. It's very strong much stronger than English breakfast? Earl Grey is good for digestion, good stress relief and cold relief. Apparently drinking 3 cups of Earl Grey will help prevent heart disease.

Next is the opposite end of the scale with Chamomile tea. Its quite an earthy taste and I find it best to drink before bed as it is quite soothing and is useful for getting a good nights sleep.

This is a really lovely tea, Jasmine tea. It's very fresh and smells amazing which I find really soothing. It's doesn't taste too floral though which is good. Jasmine tea is also really good at reducing stress and aids digestion.

Peppermint tea is next and I only drink this every now and again, I like it quite weak and not too minty. It is again quite an earthy taste but it is really good for tummy ache, boosting your immune system and also if you have eaten really strong flavoured foods like garlic or onion.

What are your favourite teas, have you tried any really nice ones recently? I would love to hear your recommendations.

Thanks for reading