Saturday, 9 January 2016

My top 10 favourite non beauty You Tubers

Hi everyone

I wrote a post a little while ago about my top 10 beauty You Tubers and I thought would follow that up with my favourite non beauty You Tubers and a little bit about what there channels is about.

1. Sugar mumma - financial advice in a relatable way, she talks about how to saving, debt and income. (she also has the cutest doggies).

2. Whisperslilly - ASMR (auto sesary meridian response) if you have had a busy day and need to relax go watch her. I'll talk a bit more about ASMR in another post as I highly recommend it.

3. Andie Case - singer (I love her cover of Jason Durulo I want you to want me)

4. The Lean Machines - health and fitness advice in a fun way, they make it achievable

5. Everyday Jim- Vlog Chanel, he talks about life and again his adorable doggie

6. Pointless Blog - Zoella boyfriend and she features on his Chanel also

7. Kris Fox - he does do beauty as well but he is hilarious especially his intro

8. Marcus Butler - all sorts, challenges and guests

9. MooshMoosh Vlogs - Shannnxo's boyfriend, about there life, doggies and what they have been doing.

10. Thatcher Joe - Zoella brother, guests, travels and challenges

What are your favourite non beauty You Tubers. Let me know if you have any reccomendations.

Thanks for reading.