Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Baylis and Harding - limited edition

Hi everyone
Baylis and Harding is a new brand I have been trying recently as I got a lot of it for Christmas. I have used there hand wash and hand moisturiser for a while now and I love the creamy texture of them and also that they come in so many different colours and fragrances you can coordinate them to your bathroom.

The set I talking about today is the Limited Edition Bayliss and Harding set I got for Christmas. I was lucky enough to get so many new toiletries for Christmas I'm still working my way through them.

Im really impressed with them, there is the Verbena and Chamomile Hand and Body Lotion, the BlackRaspberry and Fig Body Wash and the Peach, Poppy and Vanilla Shower Creme. 

The first product I have is the Black Rasberry and Fig Body Wash. This comes pours out the product in a jelly form and it's also slightly pink which I love. It smells lovely, quite subtle but very much like Raspberries. I feel like I'm using this quite quickly because it is the jelly format so I'm trying to be more careful when pouring.

Next I have the Verbena and Chamomile Hand and Body Lotion. This doesn't really have a smell that stands out do I really like it before work. It is also quite light and disappears into your skin so you can rub it in and put on your clothes on straight away. I've been using it as a body lotion as its too big to go in my bag but it would work great as a hand lotion also.

Finally is the Peach, Poppy and Vanilla Shower Creme, I love the different ingredients in this. The smell that stands out for me is Vanilla and as this is one of my favourite fragrances I'm really happy. It's easier to use than the Body Wash as its less jelly like but it's not pink so still deciding which is my favourite.

All in all I love these products and I love the packaging. It came in a lovely tin which you will have seen before as its now my make up case.

Thanks for reading