Monday, 11 January 2016

What I'm watching on Netflix

Hi everyone

Something slightly different today, I've been cosying up on the sofa keeping warm and eating what's left of my Christmas treats so thought I would share my current favourite Netflicks shows. Here goes...

1. Vampire Dairies - I love this, I've literally got one episode left to watch on Netflicks and I'm scared to watch it as I'll miss it too much while I wait for series 7. There's 2 vampire brothers Damian and Stephen who are in love with high school vampire Elena. It's vampires, warewolves, good looking people, love triangles and gore, perfect!

2. The Originals - This is a spin off from the Vampire Diaries and I've only watched a couple of episodes but it is going someway to filling my soon to be Vampire Dairies gap. This centres around the first family of vampires Rebecca, Klaus and Elijah. There's jazz, witches, more good looking people and more gore. So far so good.

3. Peaky Blinders - Bit of a different theme for this one but still one I'd reccomend. It's set in the 1920s and it is a group of gangster brothers who got there name by stiching razors into the peak of there flat caps. It follows there lives illegally gambling, fighting other gangs and generally causing trouble. I would definitely give this a thumbs up. 

4. Gossip Girl - I spend most of my time watching this feeling jealous of the clothes, the lifestyle and the houses. I am not jealous of the bitching and back stabbing but it does make it a very good series to watch. It's about a mystery blogger who posts about the lifestyles of the rich kids of New York. If you can hold back the jealousy then it's a great series.

5. Jessica Jones - This is a new one to me but so far so good. It's by Marvel so think Superpowers and surprisingly given the list above I think this is slightly darker than the others on the list. Jessica is a private investigator using her superpowers to track down and solve crimes. I love anything with a strong female lead and Jessica is certainly that.

Thank for reading, what are you currently watching, do you have any recommendations for me.