Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Review of the Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Hi everyone

Time for review....

A new product I've been trying recently is the Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Generally I would say this product comes with a thumbs up but also a bit warning.

It says on the tub 'resurfacing' and this is a good description as its a harsher scrub than I've previously used. On the back of my arms and any non sensitive parts of the body it is amazing. My skin literally feels soft and smooth and actually quite moisturised which is quite surprising. However when putting it on my arms I got it under my arms and it's a little too abrasive. I love this product but for me I would only use it once a week or every other week and I will be careful where I use it just so as not to make my skin too sensitive. It would be amazing before fake tanning or if you are going on holiday and want to prep your skin.

Another random point is that it left my bath really slippy so be careful! 

Thanks for reading