Friday, 8 January 2016

How I relax after a long week at a work

Hi everyone

It's been a long week! The first week back is always a tough one after you have had holiday from work and somehow going back after Christmas is always worse. So after the shock to my system that's has been my alarm going off, trying to fit back into work clothes and routine (blurrrrggghhh) this is how I wind down.

Firstly it's got to be time to break out my new candles. These were a Christmas gift and I just haven't had chance yet to use them. They are Sanctuary candles and they smell amazing. They also sum up the feelings I need tonight 'Breathe', 'Relax', 'Let Go. These with the Sanctuary Foaming Creamy Bath Soak compliment each other perfectly.

Next it's a good book and again this one was a gift. I have a whole stack of books to read but seen as this one is a mystery it's been bumped up the list. I love a good page turner. I will be doing a favourite book post soon so look out for my review of this once I read it.

Finally it's a bit of planning, I'm a bit fan of lists and after a hectic week it's always good to get any ideas down on a list and out of your head so that you can sleep without them spinning around. Tonight my planning is for my blog. I didn't again get chance to do this over my Christmas break so this weekend I'm going to get myself sorted for the new year.

I have to add that my beautiful doggie Mollie (on the black notepad) is the best cure for any hectic week. All you need is love and a dog.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Let me know what you do to relax after a long week.