Sunday, 31 January 2016

My new (old) favourite product

Hi everyone

I decided today was a good day to talk about my new favourite product, I say new but it's a product I've been using for years and stopped using about a year ago. It is the Batiste dry shampoo.

When I decided to change my make up, hair and skin care products all to being cruelty free I had ran out of my Batiste Brunette dry shampoo, the one in the brown and silver bottle and I went and brought a Superdrug own brand dry shampoo, which is cruelty free and I also do love and recommend.

What I didn't do is a proper check of all the products I had been buying for years to see which of them were already cruelty free and Bastiste is one of them. I rediscovered it in a trip to Superdrug to repurchase dry shampoo and this bottle was on offer and on its own little display. One of the bottles was the wrong way round and that's when I saw the vegan sign. (Whhhooooo)

To make it even better I love this one called Sweetie. It smells really fruity and sweet when you spray it but isn't over powering, once you have brushed it through you are left with a very subtle smell and of course like all Batiste products it works really well to keep my hair fresh. 

Thanks for reading.