Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sanctuary haul

Hi everyone

I've talked about Sanctuary products before and they are one of my favourite brands (after Lush). I feel like they are an accessible luxury brand and using them feel like you are pampering yourself. Today I have the Gentle Polish Body Scrub, the Cleansing Burst Body wash and the Luxurious Body Butter.

So the Gentle Polish Body Scrub, this is a sharp contrast to the Body Shop Scrub I reviewed recently. They both have a place in my shower but while the Body Shop Product is much harsher and proberley one to use every 2 weeks the Sanctuary I will be using this much more often. It leaves my skin very smooth but is not too rough and creates a great base for moisturiser and of course, like all Sanctuary products, amazing.

Next I have the Cleansing Burst Body wash, this product foams really nicely and you feel like you are in a advert. I also feel like the smell lasts a long time on my skin even if I don't moisturise after.

Once I am sufficiently washed, scrubbed and polished it's time for moisturiser and I have the Luxurious Body Butter. This is really thick but rubs in really well. It really does feel luxriois. I tend to use this on a night in though as it smells so lovely it seems a shame to put purfume on top. I would highly recommend this product.

Thanks for reading, what are your favourite Sanctuary products? Do you have any recommendations for accessible luxury products.