Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My travel bucket list - top 5

Hi everyone

This was actually a really hard post to write as there are so many places that I would love to visit but these are my top 5 place on my bucket list.

1. Santarini - I am desperate to go back to Santarini, I lived in Crete for 3 summers and one summer I took a day trip to Santarini and it was soooooooo beautiful. There was so many cute little restaurants and bars and I would love to go back but for longer than one day.

2. Thailand - my boyfriend has been to Thailand and talks about it a lot, there so many different things to do and so many beautiful places. I think there are a few not so beautiful places too but I would love to travel around and experience Thailand. Below is one of the pictures he took.

3. Las Vegas - ever since watching the hangover I would love to go to Las Vegas what more can I say.

4. Easter Island - when I was at university I did a short course on Tourism along side my main course and one of the things we looked at was Easter Island. I just found it so fascinating so I would love to see it for myself.

5. Amsterdam - this is a little bit closer to home and I have always wanted to go here. I've had so many friends go and I feel like this one may be first on my list.

Where do you want to go, where have you been and what would you recommend?

Let me know, thanks for reading.