Saturday, 9 January 2016

Top 10 blogs I read in 2015 and 10 I'll be reading more of in 2016

Hi everyone

In 2015 I found a new found love in reading blogs and this led me towards the end of the year to start my own. So I thought I would share my favourites from 2015 and those that will proberley be my favourites in 2016.

My top 10 favourite bogs that I read in 2015 were 

1. Zoella

2. Shaaanxo

3. Inthefrow

4. Blogging through the mirror

5. Cruelty free kitty

6. Lipsticks and Labradors 

7. Hollie Wakeham

8. Katie's beauty blog

9. Make up by Cheryl 

10. All that shimmers 

These are my top 10 that I'm going to be reading more of in 2016

1. Denbraperbeauty

2. Wings for liberty

3. Smells like green spirit

4. Curiously conscious

5. Organic make up artist

6. Lilies beauty

7. The Vegan Taff

8. Fat free vegan kitchen

9. Oh she glows

10. The ransom vegan life

I can't wait to see what these blog do in 2016. What will you be reading in 2016?

Thanks for reading