Monday, 4 January 2016

My top 3 superfood powders

Hi everyone

Something a bit different today, I want to talk about Superfood powders. This is something I learnt about through watching You Tubers talk about healthy food and Superfood powders. There are so many different powders so I thought today I would talk about the top 3 powders I use.

The first one is Chia seeds and I use these mainly in different breakfasts such as on top of cereal, mixed in with jams or or in smoothes. Chia seeds are full of antioxidents, protein and omega three.

Next is Cacao powder which is the raw form of Cocoa powder and tastes like a strong chocolate. This is the one I've used the least so far, I have added it to cereal to turn my soya milk chocolatey and also my boyfriend added it to to ice cream but my plan this year is to find ways to add it into more recipies. Cacao powder is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The last powder is Maca powder and it is the messiest hence the tub rather than the packet. It has a slightly strange taste as it is a malt taste so sort of a less sweet version of the inside of Maltesers. I use Maca powder again in my cereal but I have to be careful as it is a very strong flavour and can be over powering. Maca powder is really good for women's health including PMT and also for anyone with depression and anxiety.

Thank you for reading, I'm holding to expand my collection and also how I use them. Do you have any recommendations for Superfood powders or recipies.