Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Hangover cures

Hay there everyone 

Now let me just put it out there that I am not a professional, I'm not reinventing the wheel and I am in no way claiming you will be as fresh as a daisy the next day but with New Years Eve in sight these are the things I will be doing before and after I partake in the celebrations.


Drink water..... Doh

Now this is so obvious it's 'roll your eyes worthy', however do you do it? It's a bit hit and miss for me but when I don't I massively regret it. So on Thursday I will be drinking water all day before my celebrations, I'm going to attempt to drink in between drinks (this is the bit where I fail normally) and I will be drinking a pint of water before I go to bed. This way I should hopefully limit the dehydrating affects of the alcohol.

Eat..again doh

Again so obvious but I'm very guilty of forgetting this bit as I get caught up in the moment. The best things to eat are food that have natural fats such as salmon and avocado and foods that stick to your stomach (that sounds a bit disgusting but it's true) such as yogurt. For me I'm going to be going for salmon which I steam with lemon and then potatoes boiled then topped with pepper and a bit of butter. I've added the potatoes because I know they will fill me up. I might even be extra good and go with a yogurt to finish.

On the night

Choose your tipple

A lot of people say stick to the same drink all night which in certain cases I think is true but for me it depends on what you start off with. Personally I am very partial to a glass or 2 of prosecco but I know if I drink this all night I immediately regret it the next day as the bubbles give me the worst hangover. So I go for a prosecco to start off with and then move to something like a vodka and cranberry. I'm not sure if the cranberry hydrates me as much as the vodka dehydrates me but it certainly makes a difference to me.


Brush your teeth and take off your make up

You will never thank yourself enough for this step, it will take a lot of willpower but it's so worth it. To make it easier get your toothbrush ready before you go and leave some make up wipes next to your bed. I don't normally use wipes as they are a little harsh on my skin and I feel they drag but they are perfect if I'm feeling lazy but still want to remove my make up.

Get a good moisturiser

Normally I would class my skin as oily/combination but when I wake up after a few drinks there is only one description and that's dry. I have a really good moisturiser which I shall be using which I have posted about before and that's the Naturally Renewing night cream from Superdrug. It smells lovely and is perfect to get my skin back in order.

Get in some hangover food

Have something in the house to snack on the next day. For me that starts off with something plain like toast maybe with cheese or a spread to give it flavour of if I'm feeling up to it (meat free) sausages. Eggs are always a good choice as well as they contain some of the vitamins you loose when you have had a drink. Fruit and fruit juices are also a good option but I'm always a little weary as they could be a little harsh on your tummy. For me these is nothing better to drink that is cold and fizzy which is proberley not recommend but I will be treating myself to a fizzy drink and then moving to water and cordial after to rehydrate me. Finally coconut water, this is really hydrating and to be honest good with or without a hangover.

What are your best hangover cures and what do you do to prepare for a night out? Let me know.

Thank you for reading mine and I hope they help.