Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Bath time - time to relax

Hello all

So it's only half way through but it's been a very hectic week I decided it was time to relax and a bath seemed like a good place to start. Most of the time I opt for a shower it's quicker and easier after a long day at work.

So in preparation I got my new products out along with a few extras.

Firstly I start off with my lovely pink candle, it smells amazing really sweet and fruity and set the scene for my relaxing bath. My favourite fragrances are the fresh ones like strawberry, raspberry and vanilla. I'm not a big fan of anything too musky.

Then I have my bath scrunchy which I love especially if I'm wearing fake tan as its amazing for getting any lasting bits off. It's also amazing before you tan to make sure it goes on smoothly without any steaks or getting stuck to dry bits.

Then for my bath I have my Bayliss and Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Relaxing bath creme, it smells amazing really fresh and it bubbles up really well. (if I'm having a bath it's got to be bubbly). I also have my Bayliss and Harding Shower creme and Body Wash (I wasn't sure which one I wanted).

Finally for after my bath there is my Indulgent Moisturising Lotion again from Bayliss and Harding and my fluffy fluffy socks which feels amazing after my bath.

There is nothing better to wash the day away. Thanks for reading.