Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Lush haircare

Hi everyone

Hope your all doing well, I'm back again with Lush (I just can't help it). This time it's haircare.

have a shampoo and a conditioner to talk about so let start in the order of use with the Jersey Bounce shampoo. This is another Lush first for me as I've never tried a Lush shampoo before. I thought this product was a little weird as when I first opened it as the product has a rough texture like you would expect of a skin exfoliator not a shampoo, however this comes from the sea salt. Despite this I did really like this product as it made my scalp feel really clean, it felt like I was giving my hair a really good scrub. The smell is not one I would normally go for as it contains honey and lemon and these are the 2 stand out smells, I normally prefer a raspberry or strawberry smell but I would still give this a thumbs up.

Next it's the R n B hair moisturiser and I actually got free sample of this when I brought another full size conditioner in the past so I knew I liked this product. It contains coconut oil and jojoba oil so it's really moisturising and smells lovely. I have quite long hair so I tend to save this one for a day when I'm giving my hair a treat but I do notice the difference in the look and feel of my hair afterwards.

Let me know what your favourite hair products are and also any Lush recommendations. 

Thanks for reading