Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Lush haul

Hi again

I'm back with my new Lush products this time and I'm very excited to use these.  I've done the a obligatory poke my finger in and sniff but due to the fact that I was spoiled at Christmas I've not had the chance to use all of these yet.

So let's start with the jellies and it has to be Santas Belly just because the name is great and also it has stars in. I'm a bit of a sucker for anything with sparkles or stars. It smells like apples and contains seaweed which is meant to brighten the skin. Having never used a lush jelly before I didn't realise it has to be kept in the freezer so that it goes cold into the hot shower. I can't wait to see how that feels, I might have to be feeling brave on my first icy go.

Next is 93,000 miles and this one is to revive tired and achy muscles, now I've go to admit I'm not one for the gym but I am going to save this for after a long day at work and I'm sure I will appreciate it.

Now on to the shower creams and gels and I've got The Olive Branch, The Comforter' and Yuzu and Cocoa.

Let's start with The Comforter mainly because it's pink and like sparkles and stars I also love pink. It smells like berries and as it has been described as wrapping you in a warm hug it sounds perfect for winter.

The Olive Branch is next and unsurprisingly this smells like Olive oil, it's not quite so appealing in colour but makes up for it in the fact that olive oil reminds me of summer (is that weird). As its designed to smooth and unwind this may be saved for a hectic day when I need to relax.

Finally is the Yuzu and Cocoa and again I really like the colour on this, it does kind of remind me of mustard though or piccalilli (if you know what that is) but it smells much better. This one although you wouldn't think it from the colour it smells of chocolate orange. 

Thanks for reading.