Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Lush skincare and my favourite face moisturiser ever!

Hi everyone

So I'm talking Lush again and as you can tell from my posts I'm well stocked up on Lush right now.

This time it's skincare that I'm talking about. These are all products that I've not tried before but I am very impressed with all of them and there is at least one that I will be using sparingly and most certainly repurchasing and that is the Vanishing Cream facial moisturiser.

Now I've only used this product over the last couple of day but I absolutely love it. It's designed for oily skin and it is very light but does provide enough moisturiser. I am very prone to breakouts around my chin but after a couple of days using this my skin is clearer and smoother.

It contains lavender, neroli and geranium, it's the lavender scent that comes through but it's not overbearing. 

Then I have 2 lip products, the first one is Rose lollipop and even the name sounds good. It applies really well and is none sticky, not to mention the smell is amazing. The second is Passion Fruit and again it's a lovely smooth texture. It does have a much stronger smell but still beautiful and I'm thinking this will be perfect for beach holidays.  

The final product is the RO's Argan Body Conditioner. I'm looking forward to using this as it says to take it into the the bath or shower. I've used these type of in shower products before and really liked them but I've not had any since I went cruelty free. Also anything with Argan oil in is a winner in my book.

Thanks for reading.